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  1. TSexpediter


    Any of you guys still works for T$K? I know they had some financial issues .
  2. TSexpediter

    bad broker

    We hauled cargo van freight for a Broker named Zone . At the beginning (2 years ago) the broker was honest ,paid in time ,like a clock. In the last period (starting 3-4 months ago ) he offered a rate and he paid a smaller rate. He started paying 2 cents less (I said OK , no big deal) finishing...
  3. TSexpediter

    Canada Going in Canada

    I have my own authority. We have just cargo vans under 10k gvw. What do I need to go in Canada? Do I have to have Canadian authority ? Who is responsible to set up the custom? We or the shipper?I don't want to gets loads from Canada just takes loads in. Thank you
  4. TSexpediter


    Anybody knows what is Sylectus MYPro? How much it is to sign up/?
  5. TSexpediter

    Straight truck sleeper

    Hi .I have a dumb question. Can I made my own sleeper on a 26 feet Streight truck? Has to be approved by DOT? And if yes it is doable ? Thanks
  6. TSexpediter


    Why did you closed LRT thread? That criminal own us a lot of money!!!!I thought it is a free forum. This are the real problems , when one of us is in trouble , and needs advice how to be paid for his work. John Petrus steal a lot of money from honest ,hard worker drivers. And what you do? Close...
  7. TSexpediter


    Anybody knows if T&K has any financial problems?
  8. TSexpediter

    Fuel Cards

    This probably applies more to owners but anyones input is welcome. I am looking at changing the fuel cards and I need the name of a good company. This means with customers service 24/7, with possibility to pay online at any time and whatever amount. I worked with 2 companies so far, the latest...
  9. TSexpediter

    Drive to own

    I have a 2002 Ford cargo van with a driver. I would like to make the driver a deal. Drive it for one year and after that you can have it. Did anybody did a deal like this? I would like to make a deal to be fair for me and for the driver. What do you think? For example what happening if the...
  10. TSexpediter

    Gps device

    I have some vans running broker loads. I don't have quallcom. Anybody know a good and not expensive GPS device to track the vans? Thank you
  11. TSexpediter

    Chevy express oil pressure

    I have same problem on two expess vans. 4.8 l gas engine. Sudenly the oil pressurre running low. Both engine are 400 kmiles. They no burning oil no smoke. Should I change the oil pump, replace the engine or should I run with low pressure untill the engine is completly done? Idle 8 psi , when...
  12. TSexpediter

    Michigan Nexus

    I am an owner who hired a driver from MI. Based on the 1099 sent to the driver, MI state found me and sent me a letter concerning Michigan taxes. Reading through the papers I find the following: someone is considered to have physical presence in Michigan if "deliveres goods to Michigan in...
  13. TSexpediter

    Cruise Control

    Hello everyone, Do you know a good shop for installing an after market cruise control for a Chevy Express 2500? The state doesn't really matter because the van goes all over, east coast though. Do you know also the cost? Thanks
  14. TSexpediter

    Question for owners

    Hello everyone and Merry Christmas, I have a question for the owners. How do you protect yourself when it comes to money you need to recover from drivers? Do you have escrows? Do you withhold pay for an extra week? Also, anyone ever filed a lawsuit agains a driver? How did that go? On a...
  15. TSexpediter

    User name

    Can someone please help me. When I registred on the forum I wanted to be 'TSexpediter'. TS being capital letters. For whatever reason I am 'tsexpediter' which I always read T sexpediter instead of TS expediter. I noticed other people have capital letters in their ID's. Can I change mine...
  16. TSexpediter

    Heads-up when you decide to buy a truck

    I've decided to make my story public because I'm outraged by the practices out-there when it comes to buying a truck. So me and my husband - very honest people - decided to buy our first truck. We found one that we liked and contacted the dealer looking for financing. They redirected us to a...
  17. TSexpediter

    On the road repairs

    What do you do if your truck brakes in the middle of the road? Is there such a thing as AAA for commercial vehicles?
  18. TSexpediter

    Searching the forum

    Can someone please explain why would a minimum of 4 letters be imposed for a search. How can I replace the word "tax" if that is what I'm looking for? How about "van" or other 3 letters words? I even saw a fairly recent post of a senior member pointing towards a search for "fuel tax...