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  1. J

    dead pedal on 2008 hino..

    My 2008 hino just had lots of work done. New injectors, new dpf filer, new fuel pump, and new suction control valve. Despite all the work done sometimes when the truck is in park, drive, reverse or neutral and you hit the peddle nothing happens. It won't rev the engine. It will move if...
  2. J

    2016 Hino Starter OEM Replacement?

    My Hino 268 needs a new starter. Hino sell them for about $1000. I found some oem starters for about $230 but not sure if they will work. The site says they work with 2016 hino 268 but it seems there are some differences. -- The kilowatts for a hino starter is 4.8kw. The oem starter is 3.0...
  3. J

    Pipe above turbo

    Oil residue above turbo. This normal for 08 with 320k miles? Sent from my iPhone using EO Forums
  4. J

    DPF Filter

    Need to get my DPF Filter cleaned. I can take out the muffler looking thing that holds the filter. My question is do I bring that whole thing to get baked? Or do I need to open it up to access the filter? For last two days we have run the dpr at least 5 times per day. I'm worried this could...
  5. J

    Transmission light

    The transmission light will come for a short period. Usually just a few seconds. Has happened three time. Fluid level seems good. It is 2016 hino 268 with hooklift. Is this a common issue? The dealer can not see it until Wednesday. Sent from my iPhone using EO Forums
  6. J

    2008 Hino Fuel Filter Light

    Hope this is any easy fix! The water in fuel filter light came on. Replaced the Davco paper fuel filter. The light went off and came back on. Drained lots of fuel from the water separator and replaced the fuel filter again. The light will not go off and there are no codes. I have not...