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    Cat C7 white smoke

    I've had my truck for a couple of years. Usually after idle when I would start to drive it it would give me quite a lot of white smoke on a first 2-3 take offs from stand still. Lately I have noticed the truck has a bit of a struggle getting off the line and also when going lets say in a 3rd...
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    Freightliner m2 tail lights out. On the road now

    I'm on the road. Noticed tail lights are out. It's a 2005 m2 106 Break lights and turning signals work but tail lights don't. Box markers etc are all working. I checked the fuse box on the wheel well but there isn't even a fuse for lights. No burnt fuses I started reading online about some...
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    Freightliner m2 A/C problem. Heater core all frozen/ icy

    Every now and then my ac stops blowing the right way and it happens because the heater core gets all iced up and frozen and doesn't let the air to flow thru. I was wondering if anyone has experienced this and if there's any way to stop this from happening. Thanks
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    Freightliner m2 with cat c7 engine low temperature showing

    Hey guys, Right up front thanks for all your help I have a 2005 freightliner m2 with caterpillar engine As I'm driving today after fueling I noticed that my temperature gauge seemed to be showing lower than normal temperature I'm usually between 165 and 185 when driving but now it dips even...
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    Strange insurance question. What's your opinion. My front wheel fell off

    So as I was driving my freightliner m2 today, my wheel just came off. It flew 200 yards and my truck fell onto the road and came to a stop. Thank god neither I or anybody else got injured. I towed the truck to a shop and waiting for an estimate as we speak. My question is. Since I have a...
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    Looking to add a 36 inch used sleeper on my straight truck

    I messed up my box on freightliner m2 business class. It was cheaper for me to shorten it so I did just that. Looking to put a 36' sleeper on it but have been out of luck looking for a cheap used one. I don't need it to be in great condition. Rather re finish it all myself. The cheaper the...