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    2011 Nissan NV

    Has anyone seen it yet ???? Announced @ NTEA last week...on sale in the fall 3 models (1500,2500HD, 3500HD) and 2 height sizes (55 and 74) V-6 or big V-8..... Driver comforts...all lot of um Nissan Commercial Vehicle NV Lineup Watch the announcement video Look like it will be expedite...
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    Ads for non-CDL Drivers

    Are they legit...can you drive a straight truck or even a cargo van without a CDL ??? If so is anyone running that way that cares to discuss ??? Thanks, Tazman
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    More Sprinter Info

    Hi All, Many of you Sprinter owners may be looking to increase your performance and your ability to handle loads better. With the Old Sprinter (2003-2006) design now complete and the new product from Germany on the way (spring 2007)..... I have located a source for your Sprinter...
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    Source for Sprinter Parts & Supplies

    Hi all, This may have been noted before....however one of my clients has 3 Sprinters and found a source for parts/supplies that I wanted to share with you all. located in San Diego has a good selection of things like filters, brake pads and other heavy stuff...
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    CDL Online Help - Worth the money ???

    Hi All, I've finally decided to get my CDL (after all these years)...and today I went down to get my paper work setup.... Has anybody ever purchased or used the companies online that sell help to pass your written test (i.e. ?????? Are they worth the money ???? My CDL...
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    2007 Diesel Engine Compliance

    Hi all, I thought I'd start this thread to get some insight and offer what I know as to the new requirements for 2007 Diesel engines... I'll speak to what I've been told by my reps in the Class 3-7 trucks (i.e. Ford, GM-Isuzu and Dodge) The big question is what the manufacturers are going to...
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    Be Advised Driving in PA

    Gents (and ladies): Be advised I recieved this from a reliable source: Emailed to me as follows: Subject: Warning to PA residents regarding speeding PA State police will launch a 30-day speeding ticket frenzy throughout the state starting Feb 1, 2006. The State estimates that 22 million...
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    Temperatue Control Units

    Talking with another poster on the board.... He is looking at getting a temp control box for hauling critical loads... I have built reefer units for my customers all in the food/beverage business.....however I understand that most expediting units are not hauling anything like that....(...
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    Seems like an odd topic in the 'dead of summer' but a rep stopped by to see me today with a product called "BlueHeat"...this a tiny engine that is mounted under your takes coolant and pulls into a heat exchanger that then trips the vent opening and sends heat into the can...
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    Fuel Surcharges and Other Quations

    Seasons Greetings all, I have a few more topics to discuss...before I plunge in .. Could we discuss fuel surcharges (how they are applied and how you deal with them...etc... when do you pay them/where) ???? Also "deadhead miles".....does the company cover ??? Am I looking at an average of...
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    Team Question

    Any body have any "words of wisdom" to tell about teaming with a partner (not your significant other) ??? I guess what I'm asking is anyone out there running with a partner now...If so, How long.....??? How is it working ??? Benefits...pitfalls ???? Handling expenses and paying ...etc. Just...
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    Certification Process

    Hi All...Happy Turkey Day. I posted earlier regarding getting started... I'm now understanding that getting "certified" by one or several of the companies is necessary... Is this correct ??? If I decide to drive for an O/O (say one of the ads on the classified) Will I need to be certified by...
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    Considering Jumping In/ Advise would be helpful

    Hi All, I'm considering getting into the business....I'm 50 years young and in good health ...been driving part-time for a number of years but never got my CDL(I know that was not to smart) (mostly stright trucks under 25999#. Have discussed the situation extensively with my wife and will...