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    A Cultural Reference for Phil

    I read your blog this morning. The "BC Game" refers to the Canadian Football League (we call it The CFL) game between Montreal and the BC Lions. The Vancouver team represents the entire province of British Columbia. Since you were in Saskatoon you were in Rider Country. The Regina team...
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    A Holiday Weekend in Ontario

    This is a "Long Weekend" in Ontario and maybe other provinces in Canada. It was given the name FAMILY DAY. Monday February 15 2010 is FAMILY DAY. Any deliveries for that day should be confirmed with the consignee. Layovers could be extended by a day too. There is one good thing; there is very...
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    Monday October 8 2007

    Canada celebrates Thanksgiving on Monday October 8. Most places of business will be closed on that day.
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    Another Holiday Weekend

    Monday is the CIVIC HOLIDAY here in Canada. Some companies might be closed. It is always best to confirm whether your consignee will be open to receive freight this weekend. I wouldn't worry about the Caribanna festivities in Toronto. They are mostly downtown. The QEW will be busy between...
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    Monday July 2 2007

    Canada Day.....July 1....falls on a Sunday this year. MOST businesses will be closed on Monday July 2 in observence of CANADA DAY. The border communities along the Niagara River....Lewiston, Niagara Falls NY and Buffalo in the USA and Niagara-On-The-Lake, Niagara Falls and Fort Erie in Canada...
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    Monday is a Holiday

    Monday May 21 is a Public Holiday in Canada. We celebrate VICTORIA DAY. The holiday was originally held to celebrate Queen Victoria's birthday and has continued ever since as the first holiday in the nic eweather. Please be aware if you come to Canada; all (well most) businesses will be closed...
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    Hockey : 40 Futile Years

    Yes Hockey Fans; the Toronto Maple Leafs have missed the playoffs yet again. They last won the Stanley Cup in 1967 when there were only 6 teams. To understand what this means; think of Major League Baseball with out the New York Yankees contending very often or winning a World Series in all that...
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    Good Friday is a public holiday in Canada and most businesses are closed. Also; many factories are closed on Easter Monday. Please check with the consignee if you get a load to Canada this weekend.
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    Christmas Holidays

    I'd like to remind anyone who will be working this coming weekend that December 26 is a Public Holiday here in Canada and most businesses will be closed. If you are given a run into Canada with a 12/26 delivery date; you are strongly advised to confirm that someone will be there to receive it...
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    Entering the USA

    I'd like to draw members attention to the Border Crossings Forum. It appears that US Customs are enforcing the ACE regulations and returning drivers to Canada if the entries are not set up properly. This is for US bound freight.
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    Canada The Hook to Expand in Canada

    Announced Yesterday: This is good news for anyone coming up to Canada. The truckstops aren't always as good as you are used to in the States. This will likely force Husky to keep their locations in good order. I wonder how the regional 5TH WHEEL chain will adapt. Flying J and Shell Canada to...
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    Canada Ferry Crossing to Newfoundland

    This should be of interest to someone who might get despatched on a non-imaginary trip to Newfoundland Canada. It will even worse for any truckers who manage to get stuck on the Island. Truckers are worried about the spectre of a strike hovering over the ferry service connecting Newfoundland...
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    Canada Crossings - The Tunnel

    I ran a load to Canada yesterday. It cost me $13, in a van, which meant a $12 payment, from the $25 paid. As it took a full 2 hours to get from Windsor to Detroit, I think that's not worth it for $12. The potential for problems with brokers, added to the bridge traffic, makes Canada even less...
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    More Cutbacks at Ford.

    Announced today: Windsor and Essex engine plants are also affected. The production cutbacks of 21% will result in what Ford calls downtime at the following assembly plants in the fourth quarter, and the vehicles made: St. Thomas, Ontario (Ford Crown Victoria and Mercury Grand Marquis)...
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    FYI - Monday August 7

    Monday August 7 is a Public Holiday in (most of) Canada. Most places of business will be closed that day. Major Ports of Entry such as Windsor, Sarnia and Fort Erie will find weekend staff coverage at the Customs Brokers.
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    UPS Expedite or Yellow- Roadway Expedite or(?) Exp

    Now that Panther II has taken over Conway-Now what is the next piece of the puzzle to fall into place? It was pointed out in another thread that PII is owned by an investment company. Investment companies don't like to hold onto assets for too long, so they often will "fatten" them up to make...
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    Canada CANADA DAY & Other Holidays

    I was following the thread on detention pay and noted that somebody tried to deliver on Easter Monday not knowing it was a holiday here in Canada. (Note; in a career spanning over 30 years I have never had Easter Monday; only government employees, teachers and it's in some union contracts) We...
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    Canada New Inspection Station in Quebec

    From Truck News, January 2006 The Province of Quebec is building a new inspection station 3 kilometers north of the Canada - US border on Quebec Highway 15 near LaColle - Champlain NY. This is part of the Strategic Highway Infastructure Programme to upgrade the trans-border trade corridor. It...
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    How Dependant is Expediting?

    on automotive runs? I am reading in my morning paper that both Ford and GM will be closing plants in the near future. Quote: Ford needs to slash production by ONE MILLION VEHICLES and GM by 750,000 said Sean McAlinden, director of the econmics and business group the CENTER FOR AUTOMOTIVE...
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    Canada FAST

    FAST – Commercial Driver Program Participant’s Guide Free and Secure Trade RC4319(E) Rev. 05 Table of Contents Introduction FAST terms and conditions Change of information Lost/Stolen or damaged/Defective cards Penalties Crossing the border Entering the United States with goods to declare...