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    Let's try this!

    Mailer-we're going to go for it early next year. Spending the rest of this one building some cash to be as prepared as we can. I know TT is "easy money" at the moment, but that's not everything. But if Hingis did go south to hard, we could always go back if money ever became a problem. I'm not...
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    Let's try this!

    Flyingvan- we are considering both. We're a bigger fan of the van (because its smaller for her) due to I can handle the full range of repairs; maintenance to engine/trans/electrical And have a connection that can get me ford parts at a wholesale price, including maintenance items. Also no...
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    Team showers at truck stops

    Me and the wife were being trained together. Our trainer would ask for a team shower and an extra towel. Me and her shared and he had his own. Loves/pilot-fj/ta-petro. Sapp brothers in Omaha even had a shower with 2 shower heads ;)
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    Let's try this!

    Hi everyone! Me and wifey are company drivers with a trucking company (Werner). My wife would like to downsize our vehicle. We are both interested in sprinter (transit) van. I know that downsizing the vehicle will result in downsizing our wallet from what I've read... I'm trying to figure out...