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    Canada Process for crossing border "IN BOND"

    Disclaimer - I do not work for Big L although I did work for some of their predecessor companies way back in the day circa 1975 to 1985. Greg: What do you mean by the phrase "they collect their commission in bulk"? Brokerage is collected for each transaction based on several factors including...
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    Canada Process for crossing border "IN BOND"

    First off; to cross IN BOND you must be with a Canada Customs Bonded Carrier. If you are crossing at The Peace Bridge at Buffalo/ Fort Erie and traveling on a continuous trip to Michigan at Windsor- Detroit or Sarnia - Port Huron you will have to visit Canada Customs and prepare a form A8B...
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    Canada Talking to a Canadian trucker

    My first thought was B**l S**t however, in Ontario it wouldn't surprise me. Bureaucrats located in Toronto do try and pass regulations for conditions in far northern Ontario that they do not understand. There is no type of "Canada" rulings or regulations as I have pointed out here in the past...
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    A Cultural Reference for Phil

    I read your blog this morning. The "BC Game" refers to the Canadian Football League (we call it The CFL) game between Montreal and the BC Lions. The Vancouver team represents the entire province of British Columbia. Since you were in Saskatoon you were in Rider Country. The Regina team...
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    The Plastic Chair

    Phil: Just HOW did you know that it was a "Broker Screw Up"? Did your dispatcher tell you that? It could have been a problem with the paperwork and the person at the shipper or consignee who knew the details had left the office for the day. It happens. Brokers actually have a hard time...
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    No Looting In Japan

    Excellent response Moot. I'm glad satire still exists.
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    Canada Tractor length in canada

    You will not find any wheelbase regulations for Canada since there is no national standard. Each province regulates the trucking industry separately. The "de-facto" standard is 244" for a 53 foot trailer as Nightcreacher said. To be legal in Ontario and Quebec your truck must be equipped with...
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    A Holiday Weekend in Ontario

    This is a "Long Weekend" in Ontario and maybe other provinces in Canada. It was given the name FAMILY DAY. Monday February 15 2010 is FAMILY DAY. Any deliveries for that day should be confirmed with the consignee. Layovers could be extended by a day too. There is one good thing; there is very...
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    Are speed cameras better than speed limiters?

    Here in Ontario "red light" cameras are installed by munipicalities(sp?) at intersections with high collision numbers. SPEED CAMERAS are apparently quite common in England. There are many tales over at Trucknet(UK) of drivers being caught. Apparently the courts there rarely contest the...
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    *&^%^ Speed Limiters!!

    Phil: There is no election in Ontario and won't be for several years. There is a Leadership contest being held by the out-of-power party. Those candidates will say almost anything to anyone to get an (internal party) vote. None of it is binding. As to the issue of the regulations; these change...
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    Detroit Layover

    Isn't there anywhere to stay in Windsor? You'r dollar's worth PAR there. You can slip back across the bridge if need be but in the meanwhile stay in your HOME AND NATIVE LAND.
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    Goodbye CLC card

    Credit Card to book a room Re: Goodbye CLC card Not a crock of (stuff) at all; but it's for the non-smoking laws in Ontario. Smoking is prohibited in motel rooms; you have to go outside for a puff. They take a credit card so they won't get stuck if the room requires a special cleaning if...
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    Questions re: MVR, CVOR, DAK.

    Highway Star is correct. The CVOR is the Commericial Vehicles Operating Regististration. Here are the details from the Ministry's website. Commercial Vehicle Operator's Registration (CVOR) Sorry, I didn't see that you were asking about obtaining a copy. I believe, if you are an Ontario...
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    Canada canada speed limiters,what to do

    First of all; Merry Christmas to all readers of this Forum. I trust everyone had an enjoyable holiday. I sincerely hope that 2009 will not be as bad as predicted and that people will all enjoy good health. I am usually the first to rise and defend my country and it's often arcane laws and...
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    Canada canada speed limiters,what to do

    First of all; it's not a Canada wide law but specific to Ontario. Quebec has a similar law on their books as well. I'd suggest you contact the people responsible for the law. Here is the email address of the Premier of Ontario, Dalton McGuinty...
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    Canada whats required

    Like most questions asked on this board there isn't an easy answer. It depends on circumstances. Paperwork? Will you be leased to a carrier? Is the carrier FAST approved? Will or are you be FAST approved? The carrier, if you are leased to one, will provide you with PARS barcode stickers...
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    Canada canadian authority

    What does a carrier have to do? Several Things: 1-Apply and register with the CBSA. You will be assigned a CARRIER CODE. Commercial Carriers 2 - There is no such thing as "Canadian" authority. Registration of carriers is handled by each province: Here is the link to the Ontario Ministry...
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    HELP with Ferry Info

    Since you are asking a question on this site I will assume you have a commercial shipment on your truck. You must clear it through Customs first. Where are you set up to clear? Many border crossings are not equipped to handle commercial clearances. I suggest that you ignore your GPS which...
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    Nashville .. hello anyone here..... lol

    Please remember that everything ! in Canada will be closed on Tuesday July 1 for Canada Day.
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    canadian authority

    There is not a single "Canadian Authority" as each province issues their own. You would apply to the provinces you would expect to serve. These are found on the internet; usually under the Ministry of Transport in the provincial listings. You would also register with the CBSA and apply for a...