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    How can they do this

    I'm buying a truck and when my co driver wanted to come team with me and leave the owner we have now..... Everything was fine till they did a safety review and now all of the sudden the speeding ticket he had from 8 mos back now is a reason they are using to disqualify him but they knew about...
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    Year of the truck

    i'm going to be buying a 2001 trk class 8 with a twin screw in the back ..... Is that to old of a trk to put on with most carriers ???? or should i shop around and find something alittle newer
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    Who is the Worst or The Best owners

    If you want something controversial and a arguement just waiting to happen lets put these butt holes. On here so everyone kinda knows who to stay away from. Or have water tight contract so there are no misunderstandings. On pay hometime or whatever it might be
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    why are owners so crooked

    I know its the sameol story.. your going to work for a new owner and you have asked all the question you think you should have asked. after the class and your going to sign the contract and he says oh sorry i kinda lied about what i was going to pay you 1st red flag and he knows he has you stuck...
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    what is bull crap

    when i 1st wrote this i was a little unclear. when i started talking to this owner it was a pretty common 60/40 split but when it came time to sign the contract there was an clause to this contract. which states if we as a team do not run 3000 miles a week we drop from 60% to 55% and that is for...
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    Am I the only one who thinks this is bull crap

    A friend of mine. Told me that he was going to work for a new owner. but here is the catch if he runs less than 3000 miles as a team the owner starts knocking off a like 5%. because he said due to the tough times he needs that extra cash to run the business. But during the good times if they...
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    Breaking News

    I'm not sure what to make of this Tri- State is going to take away the flat rate of 1.20 pre mile and drop it to 1.05 but u get 65% of the line haul on all other loads. I'm just trying to figure out which makes me the most money. I have been looking around here and i see some other companies...
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    Has anyone heard of this ???

    I just went to work for a big company. And passed the dot and drug test. But the company said they was not taking my dot which i found kinda odd but never the less they didn't take it because they said they had tougher guide lines than the dot ok whatever. But i guess the question in all of this...
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    Who's getting the better deal

    I was talking with my owner and he was telling me all the bad things a driver does. And i was thinking all the bad things a owner could do. So who is really getting the short end of the stick. I know there is alot of different things that could play into all of this but just thinking out loud
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    not sure

    I just left my company and went to work for another company I was in there Wed class of 20 but there Mon class had about 92 in it and most of them were there friday when i left not sure that was such a good idea to move ????
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    Does anyone need a Driver

    I have called around and it seems like everyone is full??? Is this a bad time of year to find a driving job ??
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    Did anyone else enjoy the truck show

    I seen the speedco truck it would look real nice in my driveway;)
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    what can u do about deadbeats

    i have an owner who is playing games with my money. in the contract i signed i had to give a 2 week notice i gave 3 weeks and stayed in the truck working for those 3 weeks he got the truck just the way i got it if not nicer i didn't owe him money for advance he had given me i was free and clear...