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    I dont understand how someone can drive expidite loads

    Really I drove to tri-state for 11 months because in my town/state there is little work so I decided to try this side of the business and left my family to help support them even after I heard all the stories about owners not paying drivers (which makes me twice as dumb) anyway I went to work...
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    need info on express 1

    looking for info on express 1 i drive tractor 53' dry van and am looking for a good company thanks
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    Tri-state Drivers

    how is business, loads, miles, ect drove for them 07/08 thinking about giving them a call but would like some new info first
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    whats the news on tri-state

    its just seams latley i see no tri-state trucks (very little) are they still a contender ?
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    what is the best meal you have cooked in the truck

    this could be fun, list the best meals you made in your truck.
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    to owners/drivers

    will maybe this is not the place for this if not sorry, but i have to give wingnut this message over the last year I have not been fair to you we had problems but until lastnite myself being an owner realized ive did the same thing to a driver you did to me, he did not fullfill the contract...