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    Hino 338 air conditioner recharge question:)

    Have decided to remove an old under bunk air conditioner unit from our Hino 338 (2008). But before we do, we thought you guys on expediters online could tell us what the approximate cost of recharging the engine a/c system would be. The bunk air conditioner is working just fine, but when we...
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    I’m looking to get in contact with Hino123. Sent a pm to him about 4 days ago. Does anyone know if he still frequents eo forum anymore or how I might get in contact with him. TY in advance
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    Question about Hino 338

    Hi, I have been reading this thread about Hino trucks in search for a solution to a engine problem I'm experiencing with a 2008 Hino 338. I'm directing the inquiry to greasytshirt. The low coolant alarm will sound when two things occur, drive for at least 50 miles at normal highway speeds, make...