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  1. JohnMueller

    Sprinter Van Advances Announced

    Mercedes just released new technological advancements in Sprinter vans. Sprinter Van Redesign Highlights Connectivity, E-Commerce
  2. JohnMueller

    Prayers Please

    Prayers requested from our Expedite Community today for Chris Morey and his family. Chris passed away today. He was the "silent" partner in Premium Transportation Logistics LLC and the Premium Group. I say "silent" only because he would shy away from any industry events and any sort of...
  3. JohnMueller

    DOT Expediters holding FMCSA (DOT) to own standards

    Great article in many of the digital trucking industry journals (CCJ, Overdrive) today about the efforts of TEANA (The Expedite Association of North America) and other small trucking associations forcing FMCSA and DOT to play by the rules. In the article you can read the full letter written by...
  4. JohnMueller

    Happy Holidays PTL Drivers

    Merry Christmas and only the very, very best for the New Year to every driver, owner operator, fleet owner, vendor, friend, customer, and acquaintance of Premium Transportation Logistics LLC and the Premium Group. Thank you so much for all you do. Be Safe!
  5. JohnMueller

    Thanksgiving - PTL Drivers

    The staff and owners of PTL are very thankful for each of the great drivers we have at Premium. Thank you drivers for the great job you do. Please have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!
  6. JohnMueller

    Whooop Whooop?

    Can I at least get a Whoop Whoop out of some PTL drivers? Is Jim the only driver that posts on this forum?
  7. JohnMueller

    Happy Holidays

    Happy Holidays to all drivers and contractors! Thank you for all you do for our company. Please be safe and well and extra careful during the Holiday rush.
  8. JohnMueller

    Drive For The Gold Drivers Rewards Program

    PTL Drivers: Please be sure to log onto the rewards program website. There are many opportunities to earn extra points.
  9. JohnMueller

    Ask The Recruiter Forum

    BIG NEWS! The most informative forum on will be held LIVE at the 2014 Expedite Expo in Wilmington, Ohio on Friday and Saturday July 25 and 26th. The Expo happens at the Robert Centre, located at 123 Gano Rd, Wilmington, OH 45177. This is your chance to ask...
  10. JohnMueller

    Happy Fathers Day

    Happy Father's Day to all the fathers out there.
  11. JohnMueller

    TEANA Online Auction

    Please check out the 2014 TEANA online auction. TEANA supports the Expedite Community and in turn depends on the support from the Expedite Community for it's existance. TEANA is The Expedite Association of North America. The First Online Auction For TEANA, Is Officially Open So what...
  12. JohnMueller

    Premium Transportation Logistics "Drive for the Gold" Driver Rewards Program

    Drive for Gold Rewards In case you have not heard, Premium Transportation Logistics has implemented a great driver rewards program. This program truly rewards you drivers for your hard work and dedication. The program will also help us provide you with regulatory updates and training...
  13. JohnMueller

    Ask the Recruiters!

    You are invited to "Ask the Recruiters" any questions you like this Thursday, May 15, 2014 at the Expediters University Worshop from 5pm till a little after 9 pm at: Holiday Inn Strongsville 15471 Royalton Road Strongsville, OH 44136 Phone: 440-783-3011 Don't miss the...
  14. JohnMueller

    Bob and Linda

    Nice article on Bob and Linda Caffee and their Citizen Award. Pretty cool to see their name on a truck stop. Very well deserved! Team Run Smart - Introducing the Bob and Linda Caffee Stopping Center We are very forunate to have them involved in our Expedite community. Congrats Bob...
  15. JohnMueller

    Hey PTL Drivers - I'm here !

    Hey PTL Drivers; Every day that I am in the office (which is pretty much every weekday) I moderate the "Ask the Recruiter" forum here on during my lunch hour. Once I review the posts in that forum I immediately come to the PTL Carrier forum just to see what is happening...
  16. JohnMueller

    Welcome Back!

    Please welcome Dwayne Ridgway back to Premium Transportation Logistics LLC. Dwayne is a seasoned Expedite professional and is here to help any interested parties with a driving position or to assist owner operators lease on with Premium Transportation Logistics. You can reach Dwayne at...
  17. JohnMueller

    EO University Workshop - Ask the Recruiters!

    Want to learn more about Expediting? Do you have questions to "Ask a Recruiter"? Want to get the facts, and nothing but the facts? Consider attending the upcoming Expediter University Workshop next week. Details below: Thursday, February 27, 2014  5pm - 9pm...
  18. JohnMueller

    Thanks to the PTL Drivers

    Thanks to all the PTL drivers that made that effort to attend the driver's meeting on January 18. Hopefully you got your fill of crispy bacon, danishes, nice soft eggs, sausage and all the other goodies. Meeting content was expertly handled by Kristin Franks, Dan Questschke, Matt Butler, Eric...
  19. JohnMueller

    CCJ Carrier Flashiest 5 Fleets

    Premium Transportation Logistics LLC and The Premium Group tend to be more reserved and subdued, but I am very proud to say that we too are in the voting for a CCJ 5 Flashiest Fleets. Please see our Bowling Green State University tractor trailer and consider a vote for us. Click here to...
  20. JohnMueller

    PTL Cargo Van Drivers

    Is there anybody out there? There was a poster here on EO wishing to communicate with a PTL Cargo Van. Come in Cargo van drivers, come in. :)