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  1. vandriver2

    2011 170" Ext. Sprinter for sale in Classified Ads

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  2. vandriver2

    Extremely Slow July 2014

    I've been driving for Bolt since March 8, 2011 and I've NEVER experienced a July like this one! There's more going on than just the normal slow down in the first and sometimes second week of July. Very Sporadic....wish I knew what was really going on. I pray it ends this week and gets back to at...
  3. vandriver2

    What is Limited Liability Program?

    There is a $5.00 weekly Deduction for this in my Settlement. Just curious to know what this is and why I need it. Also, I have Commercial Insurance as well as Total Covergae Insurance on my 2011 Ext. Sprinter, why do I also need NTL Insurance, if I have these two in place since I purchased my...
  4. vandriver2

    Rates for 2011 Ext. Sprinter?

    If Bolt-Express Straight Trucks Rates which include FSC are $1.80+/mi. and Tractors are $2.00+/mi. what are the rates for a Sprinter that could carry 3 full sized skids plus 3 half skids on top? You can see on this page up towards the right corner these rates are if it listed...
  5. vandriver2

    Who to sign up with for ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE?

    I would like to know who drivers use and maybe what the costs are. thanks everyone.
  6. vandriver2

    Top 3 Expediting Companies in the US?

    I am wondering if there is any information out there about who is the Top 3 Expedite Trucking Companies via there Revenue. Appreciate your information with where you gathered it from.
  7. vandriver2

    Business Loan Application V.S. Personal Loan Application for Sprinter Van Purchase?

    We are an LLC now and are getting ready to purchase our first Sprinter Cargo Van. Does it benefit us more to to get a business/personal Bank Loan or as a Personal Vehicle Bank Loan?
  8. vandriver2

    Sprinter teams

    Can any Sprinter drivers please let me know if driving as a team (husband/wife) provides adequate monthly income on the average to cover all basic living expenses, including a mortgage, one car payment, plus a new Sprinter Monthly payment? I know freight fluctuates. In general, do expedite...