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    Maumee, ohio

    Us 24 is now open to west bound fort Wayne, ind with out the fun detour.
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    Leaking battery bank

    Can anyone point me to the dot regs on has to do with a aux battery bank that powered my espar in my van.
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    Former load one driver alan poe

    I just was told that a good friend and former fellow load one driver died last night at 8:30pm of complications with copd.... Should anyone wish to attend his funeral i will post the info here as soon as i get them from his wife.
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    February load 1 rolling

    And its February once again
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    Genorator power question

    Can a 110 volt ac run on a 220 plug on a genorator if you have a plug that converts it to 110 plug?
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    I-75 & i-280 toledo

    The 2 mile detour should be gone as of this Friday if it does not rain. So rejoice people one less pita gone....
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    New direction

    Well I learned that on Dec 15 2016 I will be having surgery to have a cochlear implant placed in my left ear. 30 days after that they will turn on the implant and we shall see what happens. A little back story.....I lost my hearing 100% just after Oct 11 my 43 birthday which is a miracle in it...
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    I went and saw shin godzilla tonight and let me say it was like I was a kid again watching the monster walk through japan in black and white on tv. I give it 10/10 with a twist.
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    Bathrooms at expo

    And there are only 2 port a Johns up near the bbq area and nothing for those parked at the other end of the lot.
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    June and load one

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    yellow tint glasses

    I started using a yellow tint safety glasses that fit over my regular glasses while driving in the fog and now snow and find it much better to see with than just my plain glasses.
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    November and load one!

    Welcome to November now get back to work people.
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    Generators honda 2000 and oil.

    Do any of you honda gen owners put anything other than 10w30 in?
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    hi visibility wear on sale in toledo, ohio

    Ok gang a local store has the hi visibility stuff on sale. If you Google the Andersons in ohio they have this sale every spring for one week. Tingley bomber jacket $35 up to 1xl and $38 2xl up to 5xl
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    wow france....

    Ok the underwear bomber knew the guys that attacked the newspaper in france....wonder where the dots are going to conect to next.
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    toledo, Ohio and snow

    Ok people it's 7pm and the snow has hit us23/475 interchange area please slow down and drive safely no load is worth your or others lives.
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    Northwest Ohio area

    Becareful of the ice today in Ohio and Michigan on the roads and bridges! just walking out to get the newspaper was a fun walk.
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    January Locations & Witty Repartee

    Ok we ripped open the last present and drank the last bit of alcohol time to get back to work and recover from our bit of fun.
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    slush busters

    It's Not Rocket Science, Ltd. Home Page is i think the still working website for them.
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    it's october where are you at!

    Back to work people!