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  1. muttly

    Cancel Culture

    Free speech apparently ends when they come for your wallet.
  2. muttly

    C19 Topics

    Tips, Tales, Tidbits, Trials and Tribulations. Anything Covid related in this thread please. Such as articles, experiences people have had in daily living while dealing with this pandemic. Opinions etc. Anything else. One tidbit I had today: I got tested for antibodies. I got the results today...
  3. muttly

    Democratic Presidential Nominee: Who you got?

    Come one, come all. Make your prediction now in this thread. Who do you think will be the nominee? Feel free to post a reason why. If you have a prediction of the vice president candidate on the ticket, please go ahead and list that person as well. I'll throw my 2 cents in with my prediction. It...
  4. muttly

    Carville: Dem candidates not in Realville.

    There are nuggets of truth from Carville in the article, but he's part of the problem with politics, imo...
  5. muttly

    MLB Champions: The Houston Asterisks
  6. muttly

    The NBA: Money talks and woke politics walk. I didn't know Kerr was such a pussycat.
  7. muttly

    Gretchen "Granholm" and her Michigan gas tax.

    Before she became Governor of Michigan, she had a debate and her opponent said she was going to raise the gas tax by 20 cents. Her response was that the figure was ridiculous. It must have been too low because now she is proposing a 45 cents increase in the gas tax. Michigan, Gretchen Witmer is...
  8. muttly

    Against the rules and dividing a country.

    Can't even call someone that you disagree with a decent person. Against the rules... Joe Biden slams Mike Pence after backlash for calling GOP veep a 'decent guy' - Washington Times
  9. muttly

    Epic fail

    Not one made field goal. Although it was less than ideal weather conditions. :rolleyes: Watch Bears fans fail at attempting to kick Cody Parkey’s 43-yard field goal
  10. muttly

    Keystone Cops

    FBI = Keystone Cops F.B.I. Opened Inquiry Into Whether Trump Was Secretly Working on Behalf of Russia
  11. muttly

    Holmes And Watson movie

    I thought about seeing this movie, but I don't know now. It has received horrendous reviews. Too bad, because I generally like Will Ferrell's comedy and he teams up well with John C Reilly. Apparently the movie couldn't resist the attempt at Trump related humor that fell flat. Sheesh. Will...
  12. muttly

    Cargo van making strange noise.

    My 2005 Ford E350 cargo van is making a strange noise while I'm driving. Hard to describe. I guess it's a little like a rumbling sound. It only makes the sound when I'm driving around 65 mph to 70. It's coming from the front of the vehicle. No noticeable negative performance issue while driving...
  13. muttly

    Bah humbug

  14. muttly

    Trump v Roberts

    Trump blasts Chief Justice Roberts over judicial scolding
  15. muttly

    New Monopoly game

    For millenials. This is classic. Hasbro’s new Monopoly for Millennials game is an insulting experience
  16. muttly

    Confirmation chaos

    The Republicans probably didn't have the votes to confirm, unless at least, until there is an FBI investigation completed. The FBI will be investigating sexual assault allegations against SCJ nominee Brett Kavanaugh. It's supposed to be completed in one week. The allegations against him go back...
  17. muttly

    A long season for the Tigers.

    And apparently for the announcers in the booth. Yikes Sources: Rod Allen choked Mario Impemba after disagreement over chair in Tigers broadcast booth
  18. muttly

    Unnecessary News

    A former Cosby show actor spotted working as a cashier at Trader Joe's I don't know this fellow's financial situation, but it appears he could be just working to make a living. Imagine that. :rolleyes: This is an excerpt from the article: Wearing an ID badge bearing his name, the former star...
  19. muttly

    Top Funny Movie Scenes

    Does anyone have a favorite funny movie scene? I remember watching this scene a while back and laughed real hard. It was one of those quiet laughs that made my side hurt. One of my favorites. Just a funny scene. Everything from the absurdly mean pony trainer, to the staggering Will Ferrell...
  20. muttly

    A lost news story : "McSting"

    The trial began right before the 9/11 attack so it became a backburner story in the news. Some may remember this though. How an Ex-Cop Rigged McDonald’s Monopoly Game and Stole Millions