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    Wanted to say hello

    Hello everyone, I've been on EO for a few years now, not sure how long actually. Just decided I would like to get in on all the great conversations here. Hope to see you around the forums.:)
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    Pilot in Lodi

    Words cannot even describe how I feel right now about the night manager working tonight 05/07/10 at Pilot in Lodi, Ohio. My daughter was in the middle of damaging winds and a tornado warning shown to be coming right through Lodi on I-76 headed towards Seville where we live. My daughter and...
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    Problems with Freightliner?

    Hi, I am just being curious. Anyone else out there with a Freightliner having problem with their service garages and so called service points (TA)? We have had such bad luck at most of these places we take our trucks to I can't even describe. There hours of service are rediculous, they don't...
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    Good Freightliner Repair in NE Ohio

    Can anyone give me some advice on a good place to take Freightliners to be repaired? The facility we have been using is really letting us down the past 6 months and I'd like to find a good reliable place to take my trucks. Preferrably in the Akron/Cleveland area but will go farther if a good...
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    Finding Drivers

    Hi, Im new to this. Im a new O/O with and just learning the business. Does anyone have any tips on the best way to advertise for drivers? I am having a hard time getting a response. Thanks in advance for your help. Trish:)