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  1. Solar

    Cargo Van Will we be able to work through Coronavirus?

    Just wondering if I should keep trucking, or start heading home? Sent from my iPhone using EO Forums
  2. Solar

    Perfect Expedite Paperwork Holder/Folder

    For the Newbies For $20 at Walmart, you can purchase one of these. In regular shipping, I’ve seen some truck drivers pick up 12-14 BOLs at one time, so it’s better for them to have the wide metal encased BOL holder. But for a typical Van Expedite, this item is perfect. *Scratch pad for the...
  3. Solar

    Changing Bulb on Promaster

    So, you think you’re going to change a bulb in 5 minutes on a Promaster, like I did? I say nay nay. Be prepared to spend 40 minutes and potentially break a few things. First, you’ll need a 4 way/phillips head screwdriver, a 10mm socket, needle nose pliers, and it helps if you have a deep seated...
  4. Solar

    Everything Apex shares money talk. Is it real?

    Everything Apex is my absolute favorite YouTube Expediter. I’ve been pretty happy lately, he’s been posting a LOT, and I always thumb up his content. Everything he has posted before on the Expedite Business has been rational, reasonable, and down to earth. So, I have always taken him as a down...
  5. Solar

    The “Inside Girls”

    Pilot/Flying J scams millions and millions of dollars. THROW THOSE MEN IN PRISON!!! -but they’re women EHHHH, just give them probation and community service. -one has a full time job and a side business WELLLL, that one just probation, no community service. Judge orders former Pilot...
  6. Solar

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

    A thread dedicated to AOC, simply because she’s a Legend!
  7. Solar

    Governor Northam

    Recently, comedian Kevin Hart was removed from the Oscars for a joke he posted 10 years ago, ignoring the apology he also made 10 years ago. Now, Democrat Governor Northam is being called to resign for a 35 year old picture. I believe Logic and Reason are under attack. Who has lived for the...
  8. Solar

    Recommendations for Food

    Living on the road can be a killer on your diet. It’s all a push to eat unhealthy. It gets even harder as you are on a deadline and cannot stop and sit for a meal. I wanted to share some meals I’ve found to help a person eat out and maybe not destroy your diet. *disclaimer I don’t claim to...
  9. Solar

    Best Weather App?

    With our polar vortex upon us, I became curious, what is the best weather app for a Expediter? I’ve used Apple Weather, but it’s a pain looking up a destination weather forecast.
  10. Solar

    Dragonball Super - Broly

    As a animation fan, and my favorite cap to wear going into pick ups and deliveries is Dragonball Z, this was a much anticipated movie for me, personally anyway. SPOILERS It seems the writer wanted to put a Jiren level opponent in Goku’s universe, and put him right in his back yard. I will...
  11. Solar

    Ram Promaster Heat

    I have a 2018 Ram Promaster 2500. Recently, my wife showed me some bottles of meds she had placed on the upper dash glove box on the passenger side, the heat had melted and warped the bottles. I initially thought it was heat in a closed area that amplified how hot it got in there, but since...
  12. Solar

    Creed 2 Rant

    I admit, I really liked the movie, but was it at least a little bit awkward for anyone else when you realized that Ivan Drago is a better father than Rocky Balboa?
  13. Solar

    The Real News Depot

    I don’t think it’s enough just to call out the Fake News in The Fake News Depot. The REAL NEWS needs a platform as well.
  14. Solar

    Front hitch generator set up questions

    Never mind
  15. Solar

    Greta Van Fleet Review

    Greta Van Fleet is a 70’s Rock influenced, but difficult band to get. BUT, once you get the story, you’ll love them. Thank you Millennials, you’ve finally contributed some to society. THE NAME Greta Van Fleet is not the name of anyone in the band, it was the name of an older aunt they thought...
  16. Solar

    Apple Music, is it worth it?

    Apple Music, is it worth it? And by it, I mean $10/month. I guess it depends on the individual, but here’s my pro’s and con’s. -Do you care if artists are being paid for their work? If the answer is NO, then use YouTube. If the answer is YES, then short of buying a physical copy or download for...
  17. Solar

    KIX - Fuse 30 Reblown Review

    If you know 80s Rock, then the moment you read KIX you thought “Don’t Close Your Eyes”, and that’s pretty much it. The End. KIX was a great 80s band that was drowned out by other great 80s bands. Not many people, even hardcore 80s fans, really jumped on the KIX train, and who could blame them...
  18. Solar

    The Police - Flexible Strategies Review

    When I saw this, I got excited, a new Police record! Well, it’s not “new”, but it’s also not a Greatest Hits record as well. It’s a “B” side record. I listened to the record before I read about it, and at first I thought the Police had a new singer. Imo, the Earliest songs on this record are...
  19. Solar

    Questions about pallet pullers

    I’ve been reading in the van links about pallet pullers. I’ve always wrapped the strap around the backside of the pallet, but I’ve always been fearful that the strap will slide up off the wooden pallet and onto the product. I saw 2 types of pullers, one that resembled scissors, and another that...
  20. Solar

    Cargo Van Promaster Oil Change

    An oil change is a pretty easy thing. Still, that “first time” it would be great to eliminate the guesswork. Tools: 13mm 24mm Flat Head Screwdriver Oil Pan and Funnel Oil Filter: Passenger side on top of engine. Has a head for a 24mm socket or wrench. Not much room in the area of the engine...