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  1. scottm4211

    Promaster Cooling Fan Recall

    2015-2018 models.Mine is in the shop having OEM fans installed until updated fix is ready. If you've had to replace your fans hit them up for reimbursement. Summary Chrysler (FCA US LLC) is recalling certain 2015-2018 Ram ProMaster vehicles equipped with 3.0L diesel or 3.6L gasoline engines and...
  2. scottm4211

    Truth in Advertising

    Spotted Pilot/Flying J “Your Journey Begins Here” recruitment ads today. They’re posted on the bathroom mirrors [emoji45]
  3. scottm4211

    AT&T hotspot plan

    AT&T $20/month Unlimited Mobley Plan – Back for a Limited Time via UConnect Chrysler/Mopar eMail Campaign
  4. scottm4211

    A step in the right direction

    Uber Freight is helping combat a $1.3 billion problem that the trucking industry has ignored for years
  5. scottm4211

    AT&T prepaid deal

    The $65 a month unlimited US/Canada/Mexico plan is now $45 with autopay. $45/mo Unlimited Data with $20 AutoPay Discount - AT&T PREPAID
  6. scottm4211

    Promaster Owners: What replacement brakes are you using?

    Where did you purchase them and how have they been?
  7. scottm4211

    I hope he has shower credits
  8. scottm4211

    Trickle Down Effect

    With the driver shortage (?) and E logs now in the tractor trailer world, have other Sprinter/Van drivers noticed more loads that were originally booked for big trucks that can’t cover them?
  9. scottm4211

    Phones Cricket Wireless review

    I ported a line over to Cricket (AT&T) and have been trying out their Unlimited 2 plan. It’s $40 a month for a year including Canada and no taxes or fees. The biggest concern was the 3mbps download cap but in reality everything just works. I stream SiriusXM, google Maps and play music, YouTube...
  10. scottm4211

    Sprinter/Transit/Promaster window insulation set

    I ordered this set from Euro Campers. Not cheap ($99) but well made and insulated to keep heat out or in. So far I’m pleased with them.
  11. scottm4211

    T- Mobile Tuesdays

    If they are your carrier they have some good freebies every Tuesday. Here's next week's
  12. scottm4211

    Any update on missing driver?

    I think she was with RR, went "missing' in El Paso...
  13. scottm4211

    Phones Verizon unlimited data plan starts tomorrow

    Get unlimited data on the network you deserve: Verizon
  14. scottm4211

    Free 6 month Tidal subscription

    If you have unlimited data, or if your carrier doesn't count music streaming against your cap (T-Mobile and Sprint), go to, click redeem voucher (from menu), enter "sprint" in all lowercase and you're in for 180 days. Lossless audio so it's the best quality. No credit card required...
  15. scottm4211

    Espar diagnostics

    Am I able to check hours my epar has run with this controller?
  16. scottm4211

    Does FedEx still run the BR sprinters?

    I've seen the same ones for sale forever in the classifieds. They seemed like a great idea at the time.
  17. scottm4211

    Transit recall

    Certain Transits are being recalled due to fuel pump/stalling issues. It's part of bigger recall of flex and Taurus models
  18. scottm4211

    WiFi calling

    Does anyone use WiFi calling through their carrier? (not Skype or WhatsApp) We have some dead spots in our house and looking to see if this is a reliable solution.
  19. scottm4211

    Promaster Owners

    How has the van been in winter conditions? Curious expediters want to know!
  20. scottm4211

    Malaysia Airlines jet shot down

    Missile destroys Malaysia Airlines plane over Ukraine and kills 295 people | World news | The Guardian