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  1. Bama1

    straight truck leasing

    Just curious as to why there's not more options for Expeditor straight trucks out there. It seems you have to buy outright or drive for a fleet just curious of your opinion's on the lack of lease options for straight trucks with sleepers
  2. Bama1

    You've Been Researching This How Long?

    sanbomi1 what is the name of your youtube channel ?
  3. Bama1

    sprinter-van question

    how do you receive your load offers if over QUALCOMM that makes sense to me but if you don't have c-link how do you get everything in writing to cover your self in case issues come up.
  4. Bama1

    Class B

    what part of the state do you live in? if you would like training there are several technical colleges that offer cdl courses.
  5. Bama1

    expo 17

    had a great time ! got a lot of information, met some really good people. I would like to give a special shout-out to the drivers that invited me to hang out with them in the back parking lot you really made me feel welcome.for that thank you. sorry I couldn't stick around for the barbecue i'm...
  6. Bama1


    not sure want I want to do just doing research and trying to keep an open mind. but I really do like LEA and load1. will be driving someone else's truck for at least 6months. hope to be going to expo17 in July!!! but to answer your question lease on I know I do not won't my own authority
  7. Bama1


    first I would like to thank everybody for your help / replies. agents and load assignmemts aside do you use the board or system for everything else?
  8. Bama1


    let"s say vehicles rated under 13000 lb. so how does it work at LEA if expedited freight is not posted to the board
  9. Bama1


    do any of you guys no how to get a peek at landstar load board?:anyone?:
  10. Bama1

    class B cdl [ training ]

    well, its one step forward two steps back. looking to get class B cdl training called a private school in my area all they offered was class A cdl at a cost of $6000 called a community college ( bevill state ) also only class A. but at my advanced age (56) the recruiter there says I probably...
  11. Bama1

    solo straight how do you make it work

    they say the cargo/van market is oversaturated go solo straight truck but then they tell you teams are only ones making it. are there any solo straight truck drivers on this site and are you making a go of it?
  12. Bama1

    You might be a Expediting Redneck...

    if you thing an erection is when Japanese people vote.
  13. Bama1

    You might be a Expediting Redneck...

    your kids are going hungry tonight because you just had to have those Yosemite sam mud flaps.
  14. Bama1

    Top Five Greatest Football Play Nominees

    that was more than a good football was (class /sportsmanship) against thuggery and gangster. Miami hasn,t recovered till this day from that beatdown
  15. Bama1

    red rover red rover send all the recruiters right over

    just doing some research for now. I'm a few months away from feeling comfortable starting a new business.(after the presidential election) I just feel it's to soon to start pestering recruiters at major carriers. i only asked here just seems more casual. I have a few questions that would be...
  16. Bama1

    red rover red rover send all the recruiters right over

    was just wondering if any recruiters monitor this site? if so who are you with? and is it okay to send you a private message? are any other way you prefer to communicate. thanks in advance!!!
  17. Bama1

    new here just saying hi

    DRAGON64, really would have liked to have made it to the expo. but I was in florida that week.hope they would put some of the seminars on youtube. but I guess they're not going to.
  18. Bama1

    new here just saying hi

    thanks for the welcome ragman!!!
  19. Bama1

    hour's of service [14 hour rules]

    okay let me give you this scenario. you have a 8am pick up, 25 minutes away you just spent your 10 hour's off at a safe area you decide to beat the morning rush hour and head out at 5am arrived at pick up at 6am go off duty to 8am. if i'm not mistaken the 14 hour clock would still keep running...