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    Coolant issue on 2008 hino 268

    I have a 2008 hino 268 with 91k miles and just had a lot of work done to it. Last night I was doing highway driving and after shutting the truck off I turned it on about 10 minutes later and get a light with buzzing I'll attach a photo. After pressing the accelerator it would go off and on...
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    Need help 2008 Hino 7.6 with 91k miles and possible knock

    Hey everyone, I'm new to the forum and just purchased a 2008 Hino 7.6 with 91k miles. I haven't picked up the truck yet but I've seen a video on it and to me it sounds like it has a knock to it. I know it might just be the video quality but I'm looking to drive this home and i don't want to...