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  1. Monty

    Dedicated Route

    My only suggestion is to contact CEVA Logistics
  2. Monty

    need help

    Believe it or not, this is not channel 19 on the CB ...... loose the personal insults, or loose the thread all together.
  3. Monty

    Empty Nester's NEW Career!!!!

    Look me up Joe ..... I think we spoke at the last Expo ..... seems Lawrence has banned me to the outside entrance with the RoadGorilla display ....
  4. Monty

    What do cargo vans haul? Hazmat required?

    Correct. Though it may not require placards, you must still be aware of labeling, packaging, securement, etc.
  5. Monty

    Thank you ma'am......

    Been there, done that! Only I was in a sitting position ....... too late to move on! ;)
  6. Monty

    Semi driver thinking of going to expiditing. Advice appreciated

    Making the move from semi, "more miles" to expediting, "more money" is a rough changeover. You will find yourself sitting for days .. and that gets tedious .... I know, I did it.
  7. Monty

    one thing i like about eo

    But sometimes, good advice is thought to be attacks. Just because you may not like the valid answer, it does not mean anyone is picking on you ...
  8. Monty

    Fdcc-cargo van drivers

    Yea, and I just got a raise ..... 20%! Now ... 20% of nothing, is still nothing.
  9. Monty

    Fdcc-cargo van drivers

    Swamp .... the replies have mostly been directed at WvCouier .... who feels you did not receive promt service. All of us, like he, do actually have lives apart from EO. Though mine is very boring! If it were not for Waffle House I'd go crazy!
  10. Monty

    Fdcc-cargo van drivers

    If he wanted INSTANT result's, he should have called Fedex direct. Not only would he have it quicker, he would have the latest information provided by them.
  11. Monty

    Best way to run local/regional with a Cargo Van

    Another source of regional work is CEVA Logistics.
  12. Monty

    $1.20 a mile ?

    What does she say?
  13. Monty

    Can anyone give me the 411 on Heavy Weight Enterprises-Fleet Owner with Panther?

    Welcome to EO .... Google knows everything. Heavy Weight Enterprises As for personal experience with them, I have no clue.
  14. Monty

    new guy advice?

    I know for the carrier I was leased to, Nashville was always a hot area for loads. I usually just dh'ed over there.
  15. Monty

    Earning Your Wings

    I was watching tv the other night, ironworkers on the Weather Channel, when one of them said something I liked. "There are no problems, only solutions!" Good advise in any situation. Congratulations on finding the "solution" rather than concentrating on the problem! You'll go far.
  16. Monty

    fuel surcharge

    Here is the landstar FSC chart ...... FSC
  17. Monty

    fuel surcharge

    And then some carriers compute the average mpg on the entire fleet, Landstar, for example, paid the same FSC rate for van's as they did for TT's.
  18. Monty

    fuel surcharge

    Depends ........ some carriers don't charge it, some do. Some carriers don't share it, some do. It is figured from a base rate, (I think it is $2.90 cents, I may be wrong), then any point over that price is passed along to the shipper. And it is regionalized for varying prices. Fuel might be...
  19. Monty

    We have decided!

    Excellent point Zorry, when I had more than one truck running, my drivers were on W-2's .... and I paid the workers comp also. (Required in Ohio). As for managing them, I did. Not micro managaing, but I wanted to know at all times where my truck and drivers were, and what they were doing. If it...
  20. Monty

    Who should you use to send Hazmat?

    I do believe Phil summed it rather nicely here. Do not over think the issue. One can always get caught up in what if's to the point your head reels with confusion. Follow the advise I qouted from Phil, you will be ok If you care to play a "slip and fall" lawyer, looking for loop holes, you...