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  1. Monty

    Religion forum

    My past experience says you do not want to go there ....... religion and politics ..... almost landmines to a forum group, unless you want toes stepped on
  2. Monty


    Why does Swamp think it is only English Lady that has issues with him? As for me, he is more than welcome to depart, and I'll gladly open the door for him, so it does not hit him in the rear on the way out.
  3. Monty

    Turtle and his merry brigade

    Here might be some interesting reading for some, for other's, not so much. Autoinfo: A Growing Truck Freight Broker Not Priced Like One - Seeking Alpha
  4. Monty

    Turtle and his merry brigade

    Mule's foal fools genetics - The Denver Post Just sayin ....
  5. Monty

    Turtle and his merry brigade

    But this thread is offering some very valuable information for those with questions .... all but him, it seems.
  6. Monty

    Turtle and his merry brigade

    May I clear something up? How much do agents make? I can only speak for Landstar agents. If there is $100.00 on the table, I would get 73% of it, the agent got 8%, that is a total of 81%, Landstar corporate got the remainding 19% It seems I did indeed get the most of the revenue. Now, when...
  7. Monty

    Turtle and his merry brigade

    Turtle was correct in closing the thread, Apax you pretty much stated your views in the first post. Why beat a dead horse? Most did not agree with you and it was begining to irriate you. It's that demoocracy thingy ... you were out voted in you opinions.
  8. Monty


    Description: visicom_antiphishing.exe is located in a subfolder of "C:\Documents and Settings". Known file sizes on Windows 7/XP are 232,104 bytes (31% of all occurrences), 223,400 bytes, 217,256 bytes, 232,616 bytes or 206,504 bytes. The file is certified by a trustworthy company. The...
  9. Monty

    Why was post deleted

    "I didn't touch nothing!" .. From Indiana Jones movie .... as the kid bumped the room shrinking lever ....
  10. Monty

    Something is weird here .....

    Yep .. I see ya now! ;)
  11. Monty

    Something is weird here .....

    Using IE, I can not see the posts, all I get is a white screen when I click on them. I have the list, just not the actual post. The message box is what is blank. And I can NOT start a new thread. Using Chrome, I can see things, but to start a new thread I have to scroll all the way to the...
  12. Monty

    The 2012 Wilmington 'Likes' Olympic

    Re: The 2012 Wilmington 'Likes' Olimpic SOunds like Moose "likes" all his posts! ;)
  13. Monty

    Help please

    I can tell you I saw your mention in the general forum, as for helping .... someone smarter than me will have to advise.
  14. Monty

    Search box?

    You may be right, it loads ok in Google Chrome, and, (as far as I know), I have made no changes to IE ... but I am using IE 9 ...
  15. Monty

    Search box?

    I take it that white box hiding BEHIND "forum" and IN FRONT of "what's new" is supposed to be a search box? Amyway, on my browser it is misplaced .... All I can see of "Whats New?" is the ? mark ...
  16. Monty

    Ad and images servers ...

    Even here at home, at times, the site seems to "stick" for a few seconds ... It's ok ... I was just making comment .... and I have Chrome and Firefox both, but I prefer IE ... I'm more comfortable with it. Besides, Google is trying to rule the world! ;)
  17. Monty

    Ad and images servers ...

    I have IE9 .... and use Verizon wireless ..... but seems to me I am not the only person whining about slow page loads. I'll double check it tomorrow, when I am at home and on cable ...
  18. Monty

    Ad and images servers ...

    They are killing your load speeds Lawrence .... Maybe some tweaking is in order? It takes forever to load the pages ... and as I watch the bar at the bottom, it is stalling on ad's and images ..
  19. Monty

    Please Help

    It happened to me also, I just re-opened it, all is good. Some sort of "burp" .. corrected it's self.
  20. Monty

    What happened to the header above?

    To the right of "Suppoert and Administration", the "thread header" is only allowing about 7-8 characters, then it inserts a line feed, I guess.... or .. it's the darn IE9 update that is messing with the format