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  1. Monty

    FEDEX CC White Glove D unit.

    I advise you not to do this. You know to little about the industry to make such a major investment. A quality D truck, team operated will allow you to learn the ropes, without the major investment. "Looks good on paper" will not cut it out here, you, being in the industry should already know that.
  2. Monty


    One of the basic tenants of business: "You must spend money to make money" Just sayin ....
  3. Monty

    Shock Sensors

    A lot of the Roberts Express, White Glove, freight, of old, had shock sensors. Also tip indicators, etc ...... some folks wanted assurance the product had remained as it was place on the truck.
  4. Monty

    Getting home

    Ooops ..... sorry, I didnt realize I was posting int he Fedex forum ... my bad
  5. Monty

    Extranet down

    Forget? I didn't even notice! My bad ...
  6. Monty

    Extranet down

    Not here .....