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  1. Monty

    What can I deduct if I drive for an owner?

    Attending seminars, trade shows, etc are always deductible. It's why corporations fly folks to paradise spots for such events. Big write off! I took a cruise with Truckin Bozo some years ago, was a partial deduction, because he had several onboard seminars with trucking folks.
  2. Monty

    Can I deduct certain medical expenses?

    Anything that involves a business expense, even the cost of your CDL, is deductible. Since it is a requirement for you to maintain a CDL, I can see no reason you could not deduct the expense on tax report.
  3. Monty

    Retiring at 62

    Net is earnings ..... that is the figure IRS looks at .... Your gross earning are divided between fuel, food, truck payments, insurance, etc .... how much did you take home?
  4. Monty

    Higher Down Payments

    I have financed my purchases through Freightliner, and Diamler. I paid zero down, (prefering to work on THEIR money and not not mine), with an effective interest rate of less than 10% on each one. Of course I have owner operator experience dating back t0 1985, no one has ever lost one red...