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  1. Monty

    Somehow, I'm not troubled by this.

    Ariel Castro dead: Cleveland kidnapper Ariel Castro found hanged in his prison cell -
  2. Monty

    I found this very disturbing about the LA cop killer.

    I saw this linked, and was reading it, if you scroll down, you will find the 22 page "manifesto" he wrote. Apparently he is NO right wing nut job ..... read it all the way through. I find it interesting that the media has not mentioned all his praise for the left among them...
  3. Monty

    Is this really necessary?

    UN to monitor US elections Countries that have dismal voting practices are going to make sure WE do it correctly? Some don't like ... neither do I.
  4. Monty

    Poor Sandra Fluke!

    Sandra Fluke Obama campaign rally draws about 10 people - New York Manhattan Conservative | Seems she may not be the spokesperson of choice! ;)
  5. Monty

    Students see topless teacher on iPad

    How stupid is this? Students see topless teacher on iPad
  6. Monty

    4 tax breaks for parents on the chopping block

    4 tax breaks for parents on the chopping block - Yahoo! Finance Wonder if the welfare crowd saw this coming?
  7. Monty

    “Let Detroit Go Bankrupt.”

    Interesting isn't it. Mitt never actually said those words.
  8. Monty

    For my friends and family in Oklahoma .. lighten up!

    Seems the Bible belt raises it's ugly head again ... c'mon ... pick ya battles, this one isn't worth fighting! Oklahoma high school valedictorian denied diploma for using 'hell' in speech - U.S. News
  9. Monty

    Quote of the day ....

    Anyone we know?
  10. Monty

    Old People Rule ....

    :eek: I'm just sayin .....
  11. Monty

    From email ...

    Let me get in on the soapbox thingy with this chuckle I received ... sadly, much of it is true. The one's I placed in bold are true no matter who you are!
  12. Monty

    A different century ...

    But .... SSDD Jimmy O'Bama - YouTube Scary ain't it?
  13. Monty

    So ... what does $14 trillon dollars look like?

    US debt visualized: Stacked in 100 dollar bills "Obama money! Umm, umm, umm"
  14. Monty

    In 2001 the CBO said ....

    They didnt miss it TOO much ... :rolleyes:
  15. Monty

    Jackie Kennedy tapes to be released

    Political News & Views: Jackie-O's JFK Conspiracy I am so pleased to see these released .... I had resigned myself to dying before they were. I was at Ft Devens, Ma attending school for the Army Security Agency. Another guy there with me was from Texas, and he was heard to state, "The SOB...
  16. Monty

    Good Lord, is there no sanity left in this world? There is the law, and the intent of the law ..... here is an example of that "police power" some complain about. I read this to my wife, the cop, and she was stunned such a charge would be imposed, and...
  17. Monty

    Did you know ....

    .. this site has amazing search engine optimization? An adult webcam community I belong to has a current events board, which is mostly American politics. The threads here have been referenced several times there. So EO makes an impact even in the adult webcam community!
  18. Monty

    shhhhhh ....

    Imma gonna tip toe through and see where the live ammo is used .... and try to get out without taking any fire! These kinda forums generally get lively .. so I'll just peek around a bit .. :D