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  1. Monty


    Well, since ya posted about 1:30am ..... you have a good start on the crazy schedules! Best of luck.....
  2. Monty

    what time is it? lol

    Amazing what ya can find in the profile and settings, huh?
  3. Monty

    An Old Noob

    Swinging beef was never outlawed ... but it is more convient and easier to manage when cyropacked in a vaccum bag. Jewish protocol for "Kosher" will not allow, (to my knowledge) for it to be any other waythan hanging, so the blood drain can continue, and it can be "blessed" if the time exceeds...
  4. Monty

    An Old Noob

    One thing I can tell you, being I hauled meat also in the 70's. If you are looking for the "romance of the road, do the Sprinter. No log books, no restrictions. If you are looking for profit, seems many feel the straight truck is the way to go. Though I do profit with my Sprinter and my...
  5. Monty


    Good to see ya .... check us out ... but not to close! :D
  6. Monty

    Need to lease cube van on

    Expedited Trucking - Expedite Trucks, Owner Operator Jobs Go get ya some! And you may want to search any company yer interested in .... then get back with your questions.
  7. Monty

    New to expediting (old to 18 wheeling)

    I can tell you this .... after years of driving a semi, the worst thing that will happen to you is the life style change. Expediting is feast or famine. If that phone does not ring, there is no load. Sort of like sitting at the firehouse, waiting, then going like hell to put out someone's...
  8. Monty

    Newbie from Nashville, TN

    You might try CEVA ... they do local deliveries ... Try this link ... There is someone here posting from CEVA, but I'm not sure who.
  9. Monty

    On the road with Tri-State

    Sleep in the day ... for you will drive all night ..... if yer lucky!
  10. Monty

    Recruiting Manager

    Sorry, I am not a employee .. so the book does not apply. FSC? The amount Landstar is paying Sprinters would bring tears to the eyes of some. Suffice it to say it is more than adequate.
  11. Monty

    Hello, looking to get started in expediting.

    Jason ... why have you been running your wife? Is that like beating her! :eek: Hope you find your owner .... ever considered Landstar?
  12. Monty

    I'm a total noob, need help!

    I only have two thoughts on possible carriers, Ryder and CEVA Logistics .... not much expediting happens out your way ... Ever thought of moving to Tenneesee, where there are trees and stuff! :D