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  1. Monty


    You made a bad business decision, you got burned ... if you learn from the mistake then you will "Live long and prosper" .. if not .... PT Barnum said, "there is one born everyday" ... which will fit you best?
  2. Monty

    About LRT Expedite

    I'm the newest moderator here, so I won't speak for EO....but I will speak as a 43 year veteran of trucking and many years of expediting. This thread is just about milked out. I would suggest it be locked, and any further LRT threads be also. I think everyone has had plenty of time to air all...
  3. Monty


    Because this isn't Burger King and you don't get it your way. You, and others, it seems to me have aired your laundry, (some of it still dirty). It's over .. leave it be, take the advise of many. Retain an attorney .. there is nothing anyone on EO can do to assist you.
  4. Monty

    LandShark is out of business.....

    Well, it ain't LANDSTAR that is outta business ...... just sayin! ;)
  5. Monty

    Re: where the h--- is the frieght

    I dont have permission to post in the above mentioned post. But all I can add is, "God I love Landstar!" As I noticed though, apparently, most of the ones with issues are driving for someone else. Seems you have two strikes against you, the company and the owner. Best of luck to all!
  6. Monty


    When I was with LEA in 2003, that info was available. It made it easy to find friends, and foes, in a particuler location. I have heard there were several reasons they dropped the info, but I betch the biggest one was, "Waaa, you loaded x before you did me!" In a world of agents, they load...
  7. Monty

    Landstar Express

    I see plenty of info there ..... the only thing I might like to know is how long that unit has been at that location. Would clarify if the location is stagnant .. but to remedy that, I do a search before arrival, and see if the list has changed .