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  1. Monty

    Average inside Length of cargo space

    Dan, I can think of several reasons not to buy the 3500, tire cost isn't one of them. Over the life of those two additional tires, increased revenues with the extra weight could buy dozens more tires. The major cost of a 3500 vs a 2500 would be having the wheel wells modified for pallets. And...
  2. Monty

    Average inside Length of cargo space

    Only difference, for maintenance, is two additional tires ....
  3. Monty

    Average inside Length of cargo space

    The 9900 pound version is of no interest?
  4. Monty

    Average inside Length of cargo space

    At this moment in time, the 9900 pound, dual wheel version of the Sprinter van, (3500), is the longest, with the most freight capacity. You can affect the real world limits of that by custom built in sleepers and additional equipment onboard...
  5. Monty

    Sprinter Salesmen Worried

    Money, not miles ... do the math. I do believe the Ford and Nissan, (when the high top, long bed versions), reach the market will certainly hurt the Sprinter.
  6. Monty

    Nissan vans

    I think with today's choices, (or soon to be), were I purchasing a new van it would be the Nissan. I like the "hood" out front, giving a pickup appearance, and perhaps some of the driving attributes. It also promises to be spacious inside, both for the driver and the hauler. And Japanese...
  7. Monty

    Window vent....Latest little project

    Good work .... perfect fit, no matter the vehicle.
  8. Monty

    Hazmat's Ford TerraMaxx

    Tell that to the DOT cop in Lordsburg, NM, where I receive d a citation because of the Federal regulations concerning tinting. Admittedly I was in a tractor/trailer, but tinting does not always carry the weight of the licensed state. 49 CFR, 393.60(d) Just sayin ....
  9. Monty

    Freightliner m2 A/C problem. Heater core all frozen/ icy

    Consider what is freezing ..... (that will be the humidity in the air). An occasional "thaw out" of the system by turning the a/c off for a bit can be helpful.
  10. Monty

    Sprinter strut suggestions

    Did you check Rock Auto? 2007 FREIGHTLINER SPRINTER 2500 Shock Absorber
  11. Monty

    E350 Fuse Location?

    Google is your friend ....,+2006,+E350+ford&client=firefox-a&hs=tKT&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ei=ZIXJUajkA4fHrQGAzoGICw&ved=0CDsQsAQ&biw=1366&bih=655 But the quick answer is it's by your left knee ..... remove the...
  12. Monty

    Tractor To Straight truck Conversion

    Speak with the folks at FYDA Freightliner in Columbus, they have done many of them ..... pick their brains?
  13. Monty

    How many pounds of freon do I need??

    Sounds to me like you need an expert on a/c ....... and one thing I do know, vacuuming the system to remove moisture is extremely important. One of those di-electric a/c units will lower the temp 20 degrees from the ambient temp. As they start cranking down, they can get mighty cold! Used one...
  14. Monty

    Half a million miles, how many more?

    It matters not the brand of oil, have the oil analysis done. It will tell you much about the quality of your oil at the time you drained it.
  15. Monty

    Time Warp

    In the OP's first picture ..... I have driven 4 of those model trucks .... **** I'm old! Remember, there will be quite a few at the Expo in Wilmington this year also.
  16. Monty

    Weird electric problem

    I would say your fan is defective, sounds as it is giving off RFI, (radio frequency interference), big time. Just can't trust the Chinese to get it right! ;)
  17. Monty

    UD Cabover Sleeper Expediter?

    Lower than C-336? (That was my first Roberts truck ..... 1985 Ford F-350 ... had the 6.9 monster diesel in it!)
  18. Monty

    What went wrong ?

    Amen brother ... best tires I ever ran on my Sprinter.
  19. Monty

    Ford Transit adds 1100 jobs

    There's more on this at .... Road Gorilla
  20. Monty

    Blown Engine too

    Run away engines are not the norm ... however .... a Detroit 318, 2 cyl engine .. it was not uncommon! Nor was the engine running "backwards" ... what a mess that was. Ok, I'm carbon dating myself here, huh? :rolleyes: