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  1. Monty

    What brand of coffee tastes most like McDonalds?

    If you like McD's coffee, try the "Pilot House" blend at Pilot/FlyingJ .... I find McD's, (over the long haul) gives me stomach pains. Acid I guess. Pilot House never did. That said, I also like McD's coffee ..... but most of my "oreder out" coffee is now served in a ceramic cup from Waffle House.
  2. Monty

    I'm 67 she is 18

    I couldn't help but notice you said you were rolling down the grade ..... did it make it back up the other side without getting out the crescent wrenches? ;)
  3. Monty

    How Germans React to Ambulance Siren

    My biggest surprise was they seemed to have SEEN it coming before they heard it. I don't think anyone here ever looks at where they have been!
  4. Monty

    Harley ups the ante big time

    Kinda looks like a GoldWing ..... I knew Harley would come around! ;)
  5. Monty


    Why do you people talk in code? Who you flogging and drop kicking? Music sounds something like this ...
  6. Monty

    Murphy's Law Updates

    Amen! And it's proven quite often!
  7. Monty

    Whats next now?

    Next we lesbians in male bodies will be able to ..... well, you fill in the blanks.
  8. Monty


    I don't have that gadget on my phone, but my buddy who gets on the road about 3am for tanker deliveries, says she is most entertaining. He says she is always so pleasant and talks to him so nice, not like the wife who does not like to be awakened so early!
  9. Monty

    For EnglishLady

    I have traced my ancestry back to Hampshire in the 1600's ... guess I should go visit! ;)
  10. Monty

    Giant "Fatberg" OR....

    Hmmmm ...... I take it the Londoner's do not eat healthy? ;)
  11. Monty

    Things you see on the road

    Get the full story at your sister site .... Holy BatCrap! Must see video, watch at 3:00
  12. Monty

    Highway Songs

    I guess my music selections differ from most. Here is the type of music I wanted to listen to as the miles slipped away.
  13. Monty

    Omega-3 Supplements Linked To Prostate Cancer

    Men in their elder years, like me, almost always develop prostate cancer. It is a part of dying ...... it only becomes an issue if it is aggressive.
  14. Monty

    Outbreak of Load 1 sick drivers

    My first thought? "Who is it that can't park between the lines"?
  15. Monty

    That cursive writing thing

    Recently found a letter I had written in the 60's, my hand writing was legible. Today, with age and loosing minor motor skills, my writing is not readable, often by myself! So I stick to printing or typing ....
  16. Monty

    Tennesse Weather

    I am rv'ing in Nashville all week ..... I assure you there is no dust being seen!
  17. Monty

    Bungee jumping anyone?

    juju .. that's hilarious ... I just searched that video not 15 minutes ago! My wife is already in my head .... you get outta there! ;)
  18. Monty

    40 Years ago today

    Here is another amazing weapons platform ....
  19. Monty

    Living history

    My wife and I went to the museum this past February, while we were rv'ing ... met and spoke with the gentleman. He was the highlight of the visit.
  20. Monty

    Why would you want to live here?

    All 3 of my kids, and grand kids, live here. I'm down on Lake Texoma for 3 weeks .. thankfully the devastation, (thankfully for me and mine that is), is centered farther north. I t has indeed been a rough 2 weeks down here, but it seems the threat is over for now, the cold front pushed on east...