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  1. zero3nine

    How to: git 'er done!

    Here is a driver that lets nothing stand in his way. I especially like the motorcycle straps, the way they are just kind of gripping the undersides of the rain gutter... fired at you from my Droideka
  2. zero3nine

    Waiting at the airport.... again.

    Been sitting here with 13 of 17 boxes of Superbowl hats fresh from the embroidery shop.... waiting for the pickup truck with the other 4 boxes that didn't fit in my van so these things can get in the air to Milwaukee ... all because the customer service rep who took the order 3 days ago didn't...
  3. zero3nine

    Who dat?

    I see a Panther van #1161 at the Pilot in Newnan Georgia. fired at you from my Droideka