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  1. Jamin_Joe

    Border Crisis preplanned?

    Note date is June 19, 2014, rather fishy. Catholic Charities of Dallas? Vanna Slaughter Speaks Out on the Unaccompanied Minors National Crisis « Catholic Charities of Dallas Blog
  2. Jamin_Joe

    Billy Graham.

    I like the utube videos of Billy Graham. Dr Billy Graham: Three Things You Cannot Do Witho…:
  3. Jamin_Joe

    Back to basics.

    With all the things going on in the News, some things have caught my attention as a Christian and I would like to mention that in all that is going on, Christians need to focus on the basics of their faith and get our hearts right before God. I have caught myself wishing evil on those that are...
  4. Jamin_Joe

    Funny entrepreneurship lesson.

    Story Story of Poo~Pourri - - YouTube funny commercial Girls Don't Poop - Girls Don't Poop - - YouTube
  5. Jamin_Joe

    Dont totally agree, but do see where he's coming from. Your thoughts?

    The Most Honest Three Minutes In Television Histo…: The Most Honest Three Minutes In Television History - YouTube
  6. Jamin_Joe

    Fresh not ripe produce.

    Have you noticed the amount of non ripe produce in our supermarkets? Even frozen vegitables are not ripe. The other day I bought a pack of lima beans and they had no green on them. while pealing the potatoes, they had green on them. Strawberrys in the produce case had green and too...
  7. Jamin_Joe

    New IRS drone.

    The IRS is now utilizing the latest in drone technology to gather information and collect payment. This new technology is also being pilot tested by the Angry Wives Club of America . Things that shouldn't fly #5: A flying broomstick at the 2010 Kiwi ProBro - YouTube
  8. Jamin_Joe

    tuesday irs hearing comment.

    It appears that the focus chsnged from investigation the irs to develop a brtter government wide backup system. Liberal stratagy #3 When facing an issue that may may yor side look bad....DISTRACT AND CONFUSE THE ISSUE.
  9. Jamin_Joe

    Breaker 19.

    Havent said that since the 70's when the cb craze was going on. Those where fun days. Just made a batch of BBQ chicken and just finshed my meal and am fixing a mixed drink. Dont worry, not driving and at home. Wanted to discuss ways to sell freight services to get loads, since my sales...
  10. Jamin_Joe

    Been thinking.

    Been thinking alot lately, and yes had been drinking some. Only was able to get one load and am very discuraged. I was wondering how to be a part owner of a business and focus more on the grunt work than the selling and other administrative functions. Tried to find a company to work with...
  11. Jamin_Joe


    Found this, is it BS or Not? Black Panthers Condemn Obama: Black Panthers Condemn Obama - YouTube Weekly Update: Obama?s Betrayal | Judicial Watch Of course, Ill believe it when I see it.
  12. Jamin_Joe

    Just for laughs

    This guy provided me many laughs over the years. Enjoy home remodeling - YouTube
  13. Jamin_Joe

    Redskins and US Patent Office

    Well the Patent office overstepped their bounds by ruling Redskins is offensive and not allowed. Lets post new names for them. Steamin Injuns Red Blooded Americans The Offensive Tribe The Anti Harry Reid Gang The Scalpers Ok, enough Joe.
  14. Jamin_Joe

    2006 ford e250 spark plugs pain in the rear

    Was changing the spark plugs in my ford e250....pain inthe rear. Just venting.
  15. Jamin_Joe

    Whats up.

    The courier gig didnt work out due to spending too much time trying to find all the pieces to my loads in the warehouse. Been doing alot of soul searching and found a way to rekindle my ambition and now have a much better attitude toward things. Last night attended a business networking group...
  16. Jamin_Joe

    just checking in

    Just wanted to let you all know how things are going. Things are going great, they havent assigned a perminant route to me yet. I like the medical routes since you dont have to look for missing pieces. Being a courier pays much less, but when the main route is done they have another load...
  17. Jamin_Joe

    funny commercial.

    Funny commercial, wonder if it works with portables. HILARIOUS REAL Commercial: Poo-Pourri with BETHANY WOODRUFF - YouTube
  18. Jamin_Joe

    Suspended Dot and MC# Friday.

    Hey all, Since my freight hauling on my own had been a very difficult endevor, I suspended operations as an independant operator. Working as an Independant Courier hopefully will be a good fit for awhile. I had mixed feelings doing this and kind of feel like I got Layed off. I want to...
  19. Jamin_Joe

    More bad news.

    Just got done taking to Ms. Papp head of the vision exemption program and basically I'm screwed. Though my Visual testing says I exceed the min. requirements with out 3 years driving a commercial vehicle, 10k lbs plus, I cant get the medical card. Spoke to a safety officer at Nations Express...
  20. Jamin_Joe

    This is a real Sicko

    This guy is a real sicko and the Mother should have the right to shoot or beat the stuff out of him.