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    Any one doing Winders 10?

    We have 5 Windows 7 machines here in the office plus 2 laptops and did the upgrade one at a time, expecting some problems but experiencing none. Never ever had a problem with Win 7 being unstable. Bottom line, we upgraded because we could. BUT . . . probably would not have otherwise. All...
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    iPhone 5

    I got my IPhone 5 last Friday (9-21-12). Pre-ordered thru Verizon National Sales on 9-14-12. I had a 4S with AT&T but was not getting all the offers from dispatch. Once or twice a week my voicemail alert would sound off and it was usually dispatch with an offer. Missed at least 6-10 good...
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    How do you like the Bionic?

    I bought the Iphone 3g when it first came out, would have kept it forever except for the then ongoing AT+T dropped calls problem. Switched over to Sprint and purchased an HTC Evo 4g exactly one year ago. It has been replaced by Sprint 2x and the latest replacement is no better than the...
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    Windows 7

    Don't Buy A Mac Don't Buy A Mac IMO - They are at least 2x more costly, the software . . . you'll will wait for months, even years, before it's available. Before I took an early retirement (1997) I was a superintendant of a large Legal Printing Shop. Mgts'. "consultants"...
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    Windows 7

    I installed the Home Premium version over the existing Vista program on my desktop yesterday. (10-25-09). Am running a fast machine (dual core, 4 gigs ram, etc., etc., ) and the installation, though very easy, took almost 2 hours. Guess it depends on the processor(s) and probably more...
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    Iphone 3G mail alert

    Sorry, should have provided more info. There is only one small audible alert when getting mail. A single, solitary, beep. When I'm on the road, it is nearly impossible to hear it. It's important mainly in the sense that it's dispatch giving me all the details of the next impending...
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    Iphone 3G mail alert

    Just recently switched carriers from Nextel to AT&T and purchased an Iphone 3G. Does anybody have a relatively simple solution to audio alert on the mail icon ?? Googled a solution but the technogeek speak is way above my capabilities. Anybody run into this problem ????
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    Computer Backup

    For many years, I've encrypted my important files with PGP (Pretty Good Privacy), copied it over to a flash drive and also emailed the file(s) to all three of my grownup children so that they keep them on their hard drives. I also use Carbonite which will backup anything for $49 a year. (I...
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    Goodbye Streets and Trips, Hello Street Atlas USA

    RE: Goodbye Streets and Trips, Hello Street Atlas I've used DeLorme and MS Streets for years. I upgrade the software almost every year. In most cases I'll fire up both programs and see if there is any difference in the projected mileage. Most cases there is very little. Each program has...
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    Ham Radio License

    Leo: Thanks for the info. I drive mainly the rustbelt area and mostly I-80 & I-90. A ham friend of mine in the early 80s could hit the Detroit repeaters while driving through the Greater Cleveland area with his HT, as long as he was close to Lake Erie. (line of sight I guess) A little off...
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    Ham Radio License

    Leo: If you're are a complete novice, what rig would you buy and what frequency do you use ??? Thanks for the help and advice. Be safe and thanks for the help.
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    Ham Radio License

    Are the repaters still using 2 meter FM ??? Any morse code involved, or, is a tech's license enough ?? Be safe.