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    Celadon Bankruptcy - 3200 Drivers Affected Some fuel cards already being rejected leaving some drivers stranded. If the predicted trucking industry "bloodbath" is accurate then expediting may be the answer for Mfgs. to move the freight.
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    1,000 Truckers Lose Jobs

    Guess there really wasn't a "DRIVER SHORTAGE" Wonder how many unemployed drivers will buy a van and expedite. If the story is accurate, I wish them well.
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    Winter Windshield Tips

    I use a combo of 75% rubbing alcohol and 25% tap water in a cheap ($1.00) spray bottle. Buy the alcohol and spray bottle at Wal-Mart for a couple of bucks. Doesn't hurt the paint or rubber around the windshield and is instantly effective. Been using it on my vans over the years here in Ohio...
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    April Showers , Locations & More

    Every month ?? Lucky you. The rest of the stock holders get dividends quarterly. (Every 3 months)
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    Seriously ?? Cleveland, Erie PA, Buffalo NY. MI has more lake effect snow than these 3 cities by the lake ?? Maybe allowing trucks to weigh 160,000 lbs might have some bearing on the crappy roads.
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    Every year the State of Ohio claims the Ohio Turnpike is a cash cow, each year showing record profits which are supposed to be distributed to non-turnpike roads throughout NE Ohio. Even being semi-retired, I still do a few OABs mainly in PA and MI every week and even those states, with huge...
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    Ohio is raising Diesel Fuel 19 cents per gallon and 10 cents per gallon for us gassers effective early July 2019. Ohio trying to catch up to PA and MI.
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    Question about cargo van fleet owners.

    Since 1998, when I started expediting, I've only struck 3 deer. (Although ran over several more previously struck laying DOA on the road) Two were hits from the left side doors and the third was front passenger headlight assembly. (All interstate hits) When you consider how many miles you'll...
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    I-Pass Scam?

    I've had EZ since 2006 and never had a problem still the original unit. Even in IN, IL, NY, PA, WV, VA and OH of course. I called them a couple of years ago and wondered when it would need replacement and they pretty much said don't worry, will call you if necessary.
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    Retirement can't come soon enough....

    Semi-Retirement is what you want it to be. Get the itch to run down the road for a week or so? Than do it. Or not. I've driven hundreds of thousands of miles through the snow of winter and the tiresome runs in the middle of the night since 1997. All the kids graduated from college, the wife...
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    UBER FREIGHT EXPANDING Yahoo Business posted this article about Uber Freight adding more states to its' growing list of freight hauling services. Uber is also trying like crazy to make their app as simple as possible. YA CAN'T...
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    Horse Hauling $$$$ Just another way to pu extra cash in between waiting for loads. According to the news story there is nothing illegal according to the Zanesville PD. Wonder if GEO ever thought about this cash cow/horse.
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    True Net Income

    I claim everything that OVM does. (Post #11). I have LLC status with the state of Ohio since 2002. I also have been audited 2x since 1997 with no penalties. I did, however, ask the IRS examiner why I was "chosen" for the routine audit. (My business records include every receipt for every...
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    Tailgating: There's an App for That

    When truck drivers tailgating is actually a good thing Who knew tailgating was safe and profitable, as well. What could go wrong now ??
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    DOT Got pulled over in KY

    I got pulled over in PA on I-79 just south of Cranberry Twp. several years ago by one of the locals. A younger cop had a densitometer on his "attack/tool belt" and measured one of the windows which were quite dark at the time I owned the van. Anyways, he cited me for the above crime and said I...
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    Ohio Turnpike Accident

    18-wheeler jackknifed all by himself eastbound about the 203 mm. Traffic was backed up 3-4 miles when I went by westbound around 12:30 p.m. Although there are no other vehicles involved, another driver must have cut him/her off. Again. Turnpike from Cleveland area to PA line is slushy but...
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    50+ Vehicle Crash on I-90

    Numerous crashes involving cars, semis close Interstate 90 in Lake County Probably caused by a 4-wheeler cutting off an innocent big truck that probably wasn't going too fast for conditions. BTW: If you are headed east on I-90 towards Erie, PA or Buffalo, NY, you should check the forecast...
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    Still not convinced ?? Or are we whistling passed the graveyard ?? APNewsBreak: Ohio Turnpike may soon see self-driving testing Also read today where Uber is ready to start testing robotic vehicles in the Pittsburgh area: Uber Debuts Its First Fleet of Driverless Cars in Pittsburgh
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    True enough. I stand corrected. The old saying. "Location Location Location."