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    Celadon Bankruptcy - 3200 Drivers Affected Some fuel cards already being rejected leaving some drivers stranded. If the predicted trucking industry "bloodbath" is accurate then expediting may be the answer for Mfgs. to move the freight.
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    1,000 Truckers Lose Jobs

    Guess there really wasn't a "DRIVER SHORTAGE" Wonder how many unemployed drivers will buy a van and expedite. If the story is accurate, I wish them well.
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    Ohio is raising Diesel Fuel 19 cents per gallon and 10 cents per gallon for us gassers effective early July 2019. Ohio trying to catch up to PA and MI.
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    UBER FREIGHT EXPANDING Yahoo Business posted this article about Uber Freight adding more states to its' growing list of freight hauling services. Uber is also trying like crazy to make their app as simple as possible. YA CAN'T...
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    Horse Hauling $$$$ Just another way to pu extra cash in between waiting for loads. According to the news story there is nothing illegal according to the Zanesville PD. Wonder if GEO ever thought about this cash cow/horse.
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    Tailgating: There's an App for That

    When truck drivers tailgating is actually a good thing Who knew tailgating was safe and profitable, as well. What could go wrong now ??
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    Ohio Turnpike Accident

    18-wheeler jackknifed all by himself eastbound about the 203 mm. Traffic was backed up 3-4 miles when I went by westbound around 12:30 p.m. Although there are no other vehicles involved, another driver must have cut him/her off. Again. Turnpike from Cleveland area to PA line is slushy but...
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    50+ Vehicle Crash on I-90

    Numerous crashes involving cars, semis close Interstate 90 in Lake County Probably caused by a 4-wheeler cutting off an innocent big truck that probably wasn't going too fast for conditions. BTW: If you are headed east on I-90 towards Erie, PA or Buffalo, NY, you should check the forecast...
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    Still not convinced ?? Or are we whistling passed the graveyard ?? APNewsBreak: Ohio Turnpike may soon see self-driving testing Also read today where Uber is ready to start testing robotic vehicles in the Pittsburgh area: Uber Debuts Its First Fleet of Driverless Cars in Pittsburgh
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    On another thread I started last week I asked about hourly wages. Most drivers ignore that statistic. Sitting for unpaid hours that once they are gone, they are gone from our lives. And to give them away for free made no sense to me. Therefore, about 10 years ago, when the glut of vans...
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    How Much Do You Really Make per Hour?

    I asked this question years ago, when times were more profitable then. It seemed to be 50/50. Some drivers figured their waiting time into the hourly rate, an equal amount thought otherwise. So, here it is again: Example: You've just called dispatch to say you are available (no matter...
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    How Did You Discover Expediting ?

    In lieu of all the posts about an overly abundant supply of cargo vans, I got to wondering how it went from too few to way too many. How and when did you discover the world of expediting ?? I was fortunate enough to be able to take an early buyout from my newspaper union job in 1997. One...
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    Teamster Pension In Big Trouble

    If you have any interest (financially or otherwise) there is an article from the Washington Post about the Central States' Pension Fund having to likely reduce the amounts to retired Teamster members. One of the nation’s largest pension funds could soon cut benefits for retirees
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    NC State Warning Speeders

    North Carolina's recent test to raise money. Test, because, depending on the pushback from residents and non-residents, they could change the tolerance limit to speed limits. I think some of the smaller communities will try to use this as a permanent legal fund-raiser. Anyways, it's out...
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    Uber-like Shippers Looking Hard at Expediting

    I came across an article on one of the business websites last week. (Can't remember which one it was) The article described how several companies are seriously starting up Uber type businesses for people with all types of vehicles. Vans to 18-wheelers. You work whenever you want, in town or...
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    UPS May Hire 250 Teamster Jobs

    What can brown do to you ?? Nobody ever said brown was warm and fuzzy. Anyways, the pay is very good, benefits are excellent and the position(s) are union (Teamsters).
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    FMCSA Proposing Mandatory Electronic Recorders

    The FMCSA is Proposing Mandatory Electronic Recorders for ALL interstate trucks, buses. The organization thinks this will halt those that are cheating on their hours. Devices to track truck, bus driver hours proposed
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    Canada Canada discovers the coe

    Saw this article in The New York Post. The Green Room | Together, we will create a more sustainable world to help people live better. It's about the "new" truck design debuted at the Fall 2012 Transportation Sustainability Conference. I may be missing something here, but the newly...
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    Where Were You On 9.11.2001 ?

    I had delivered a Seimen's x-ray tube for the MRI at the University of Maryland Hospital in downtown Baltimore around 2 a.m. After the drop, I drove to Breezewood, Pa. and took a nap just before the Breezewood interchange. I then got on the PA turnpike and headed west, wondering if I was...
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    Trucker Viewing Porn Arrrested In Fatal Crash

    Trucker, out of hours, viewing porn, murders an innocent mother on the NY Thruway near Buffalo. Link below: | Cleveland, OH | Trucker viewed porn before fatal New York crash