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    is the any money doing this

    This is what I was told by the examiner: Claiming home exemptions is one of the biggest frauds perpetrated on income tax returns. She said you can thank all the "home businesses" such as Amway and many more endeavors where the IRS claims that some entrepreneurs only sign up and to take...
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    is the any money doing this

    I started expediting in 1997 mainly to see the country and to take advantage of the enormous tax deductions that come as a benefit to this type of work. The IRS audited me in 2000, 2006 and 2011. Passed all three audits. After the last audit, I asked the friendly examiner why me, why 3x in 14...
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    Hit The Deer

    I hit a deer on I-71 just about this time last year. Called the Highway Patrol to make a report for the insurance company. Submitted pix and the report and my insurance agent told me that it was covered under my comprehensive, rather than the liability, which means that the $3,700 damage done...
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    Bolt Express

    Rich: For the sake of clarity, are you now recruiting for Bolt? Be safe.
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    Credit Card Offers

    I have found credit cards invaluable. In fact, I just renewed my American Express Card. They offered 5% cash back on all fuel purchases and office supplies, 1% cash back on all other purchases, 0% APR (for 12 mos.) and NO annual fee. I refuse to pay any interest rates on anything, so by...
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    I need info about Prestige Transporation?

    Besides working there for 18 months in the 90s, I still keep in touch with three (3) drivers that worked for Prestige, Cleveland, Ohio office in Garfield Hts. Their main source of income is delivery routes to Key Bank offices and a very large pharmaceutical company. They had a good rush...
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    Malfunctions - Breakdowns - Flat Tires

    cheri1122: Another advantage to using AAA and Allstate, is simply that they have their own network of tow truck companies, and also repair shops which allows them to monitor their vendor's response time, quality and cost of repairs, etc., etc. BTW: Call your insurance agent about the entire...
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    Malfunctions - Breakdowns - Flat Tires

    AAA allows for different "emergency services" options as well. i.e., Three (3) weeks ago we cut a tire eastbound on the Ohio Turnpike about the 95 mm. Even though we had a spare, we elected to have the vehicle towed to Elyria, OH to a dealer because we thought the steering may have been...
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    :censoredsign:, :censoredsign:, :censoredsign:.

    Another solution, perhaps. We use an HP laptop, with have both DeLorme and MS Streets GPS routing. The laptop costs us $499.00 2 yrs ago at Staples on sale, Delorme cost $119 at Best Buy and MS Streets $19 with rebates from OfficeMax. The laptop not only provides us with a CD-DVD player, but...
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    Legal: Business Type

    I drive my van for various companies. About four (4) years ago I was told by my attorney and auditor that the best way for me to go was a simple LLC. Mainly, because I drive for myself, and there is nobody else financially attached to my company. If I have to hire another driver on a...
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    C & M ?

    I interviewed with C&M about a year ago, and we had a deal with me driving one of their B vans. When we met the second time to sign the necessary papers, one of the owners said I would have to drive a newer and larger van (something much larger than the original B unit) which was OK with me...