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  1. tseders93

    Looking to get back into the business

    I got my CDL with a big company in April 2015 and got into an accident in November 2015. After being let go I went to Panther (Jan 2016 - June 2016) and ran for a great fleet owner that didn't bother me. I took my loads, got the truck serviced, etc... with no issues. Things were going great as...
  2. tseders93

    Qualcomm not workin/chevy express

    Sorry if new thread for no reason.. Searrched forums and coulsnt find anything related. 2013 Chevy express Qualcomm is hooked up via battery positive under driver seat, and it stopped working at (roughly) the same time as the radio not for sure if they are related. Anywho, i checked the...
  3. tseders93

    Cargo Van Class C in IL

    Im not a n00b, however a friend of mine is looking to get his CDL-C with pass endorsement to team with me at panther, he went to take his written exam today and he said they had coupling questions (fifth wheel, etc..) aand other questions unrelated to the class at hand. My question is, is this...
  4. tseders93

    Cargo Van 2013 Chevy Express Clicking

    OIl change approx 500 mi ago, oil pressure dropped off to 0 in a second flat. stopped immediatly. sat overnight waiting to call fleet owner, started next morning to 40 psi oil pressure (normal from what i'm used to) was told to drive ~15 miles to shop to see if sender unit was working was...
  5. tseders93

    Online Relationship

    I think the EO website is moving a little fast for me.
  6. tseders93

    500 Pilot Points

    Pilot is offering 500 points for logging into your account online and "updating" your information.
  7. tseders93

    Pembroke NY pilot

    Anyone on here at the pilot too? See 3 other vans
  8. tseders93


    Anybody out here?
  9. tseders93

    Looking for fleet owner

    Ok i've not been able to find any classifieds for fleet owners of sprinter/cargo van or <10k trucks. I have 7 mo tractor trailer experience and am looking to move into a smaller vehicle with no log book. Was hoping someone could point me in the right direction.