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  1. Dreamer

    The next stage of life.... or .. Moving On.

    Hello everyone. I have been a member of this forum since sometime in 1999. For the past 10 years, I have been privileged to serve in the capacity of Forums Administrator. During that time, I have seen probably 100 companies, and thousands of members come and go, been loved and hated, lol, but...
  2. Dreamer

    I75 South closed in Cincinnati, Hopple St overpass collapsed...

    One Person Killed In Cincinnati Bridge Collapse | WBNS-10TV Columbus, Ohio
  3. Dreamer

    New forum, Business Tips and Tricks!

    Please stop down and check it out, and contribute something that will help others! Thanks, Dale
  4. Dreamer

    Welcome to the Business Tips and Tricks Forum!

    Welcome everyone! Feel free to share any business tips and tricks that you have learned along the way, that will help others as they go along! Dale
  5. Dreamer

    Attention Landstar Drivers!

    As requested, I have added a Landstar forum to the list of company forums! If you are a current Landstar driver, stop down and join! Dale
  6. Dreamer

    How to post in the Landstar Forum!

    Hi everyone, This forum is designed for current O/O and Contractors to discuss issues relating to their company, without input from other members, who tho well intentioned, are not directly involved in the issues. You do need to be added to the list of approved posters, so contact an Admin...
  7. Dreamer

    New forum announcement. The Roadside Rest

    We have started a new forum today, The Roadside Rest, which can be found as a sub forum of the Welcome Center. This forum is to post remembrances of those EO members who have passed away over the years. Please join us in paying tribute to those members. Dale
  8. Dreamer

    Welcome to the Roadside Rest

    This forum was created for members to post tributes to Expediters Online forum members who have passed away. Please create only one thread per member, and look thru the forum to see if another has already been created for that member. Please post the forum member's User ID in the title and...
  9. Dreamer

    New Electric Harley :)

    Nothing like that hum? LOL.. finally an electric vehicle I can deal with!
  10. Dreamer

    They DRIVE among us...

    Today I was waiting to get loaded at a ball bearing plant. While I was waiting, a fairly loud "discussion" was brewing between the driver of a D Unit for one of those small companies I'd never heard of and a dock supervisor... The driver was upset because the dock supervisor refused to load him...
  11. Dreamer

    Do you believe "Evil" exists as an outside force?

    I have a question for discussion. Obviously, most everyone here knows I am a man of VERY strong faith. While I do not attempt to 'force' my beliefs on others, I will readily share when asked. I hope my friends here will attest to that. As the title says, I would ask "Do you believe "Evil"...
  12. Dreamer

    Please join us in welcoming two new Moderators!

    Help us welcome the newest members of the Mod Squad, FlyingVan and Dynamite 1 !! FlyingVan aka Chip has been expediting since 2005. He formerly contracted with Panther, then Fedex, and is currently an Sprinter O/O with Landstar. On the side, he enjoys flying, hence the FlyingVan. Dynamite 1...
  13. Dreamer

    Just sayin....

  14. Dreamer

    Please Note... Update to the Code Of Conduct, regarding The Soapbox.

    We have added an update to the Code of Conduct, specifically item #17 dealing with the Soapbox. We've tried to keep it low rule, but we've had to add a couple due to some issues lately. This addition will apply to all current and future members as of today. Thanks, Dale
  15. Dreamer

    Code of Conduct update!!! (Soapbox)

    We have added an update to the Code of Conduct, specifically item #17 dealing with the Soapbox. This addition will apply to all current and future members as of today. Thanks, Dale
  16. Dreamer

    20 truck pile up on the Ohio Turnpike video

    Video from the Sandusky register of the aftermath this afternoon from the massive wreck at the 102 mm. There is an Expediter in the mix too.
  17. Dreamer

    Final call for Moderator Apps

    Hello everyone! We've had some joking about it of course, but in all seriousness we do need 2 to 3 more moderators to replace those who have retired, or moved on. It's not as hard a job as some would think, everyone has their own style. You wouldn't be required to "live" on the forum, and...
  18. Dreamer

    Moderator "Casting Call" :)

    Are you a glutton for punishment? Do you have the stones to have everything you say analyzed and questioned? Do you have the ability to see both sides of the story, and try to find a common ground in the middle? If so, we may have a position for you! The position is voluntary, causes you to...
  19. Dreamer

    Mod movin on, Thanks Ken aka OVM!

    Ken aka Ontario Van Man has decided to step down as mod for personal reasons. We would like to take this time to thank him for his help and patience on this board! He's not leaving the board, just stepping down from the abuse post ;) Please join us in thanking him! Thanks Dale
  20. Dreamer

    Antique Archaeology (American Pickers) ride...

    Yeah, I know, kind of Loading Dock... but their new ride is a Ford Transit! I didn't think they were actually available anywhere yet. Gives more perspective on what they'd look like as an Expediter :) Dale