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  1. Tennesseahawk

    Where you don't want to go if possible.

    You fit in with the homeless, ya know.
  2. Tennesseahawk

    Pulling an All Nighter

    I won't do all-nighters. The main reason I won't go back to expediting.
  3. Tennesseahawk

    Falcon Transport closes

    IMO, there is knowledge that this will happen, on part of the brass; and therefore, no excuse in leaving drivers and trucks stranded. Criminal charges come to mind when hearing about crap like this.
  4. Tennesseahawk

    March 2019 .. Locations & More

    Didn't you know? You work for the man, and the van's the new man!
  5. Tennesseahawk

    Something weird going on

    You have no obligation to stay with any owner. Ask LS if they have a list of owners in need of drivers.
  6. Tennesseahawk

    It’s Fibuary !!!

    They're the OTHER side of the two-headed coin.
  7. Tennesseahawk

    Panther 2019

    If you wait until the bomb drops, you'll be in a sea of refugees. If you honestly think you'll be quitting, better do it now.
  8. Tennesseahawk

    Drug Testing for Vans

    When I retire, I plan to imbibe a little.
  9. Tennesseahawk

    Drug Testing for Vans

    Right, because false positives never happen.
  10. Tennesseahawk

    Are Brokers Doomed?

    I know. My last post was basically talking to myself out loud. :crazy_pilot
  11. Tennesseahawk

    A step in the right direction

    When I first read that click-bait style title, I was thinking that they finally started paying their drivers a decent wage. No such luck.
  12. Tennesseahawk

    A step in the right direction

    Nah, I thought he was talking about something else.
  13. Tennesseahawk

    Are Brokers Doomed?

    Then what's the point of discussing this really. We have no clout to expect more if one of the players goes down. Some bigwig shysters will dive in like vultures to figure out a way to collect the winnings.
  14. Tennesseahawk

    Are Brokers Doomed?

    Do you actually think their piece of the pie will trickle down to the trucks? LOL
  15. Tennesseahawk

    Do you have a pet that rolls with you?

    I know they don't go with me in my truck, but they're with me. Chaos, the big lug kissing me. Mayhem, the beautiful gray new edition to the house (no, those are not photoshopped eyes). Puck, the ninja cat. Reminds me of John Belushi.
  16. Tennesseahawk

    Black Smoke Matters...

    It was enough to make the news. Good for them!
  17. Tennesseahawk

    Locations & Banter , January 2019

    In n Out burger w Five Guys fries ftw.
  18. Tennesseahawk

    Black Smoke Matters...

    Alrighty, picking thru an old Milton Freidman video, I found a section that I think explains this movement. At 7:23 of the video Milton explains why the masses don't have the power of the lobby. The consumer (truckers in our case) is disorganized and invisible, whereas the lobby (mega companies...
  19. Tennesseahawk

    Black Smoke Matters...

    I dunno. Watered my tires once too many times? :eek: