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    Fuel sur charge for expediters

    Do the expediters that pay for their own fuel get the fsc for every load they haul? About 6 months ago I hooked up with an expediting company. During the "orientation" (this was a 1/2 phone call) I was told not all loads pay a fsc and this was normal. Well after hauling for them for 5 months, I...
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    I feel so stupid, just burned by cargosoup

    Somewhere on a forum I read were was a loadboard worth the $20 it cost to join. Well, let me tell you its not. when you look at their examples,every state has 10 or 15 loads. Thats not a lot,but it is just a sample,,,or so they say. Once you give them $20 and you go to the load...
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    CDL Question

    I got what I thought was a simple question. I called the DMV and went there and asked and didn't really get an answer. So here goes. I have a 15ft boxtruck 12000#. I don't need a CDL to drive this truck.I am thinking about signing on with a company that requires all the drivers to have a CDL-B...