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    The southern border.

    Yup the Democrats need that cheap labor because they are driving Americans out of house and home with high taxes.....driving them right in to the arms of Republican states.
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    President O'Biden

    Jesus I saw Biden's little meeting with reporters after the hur report came he has lost his mental capacity.
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    Going Green EV eSprinter

    Until they fix the time it takes to recharge a ev or will not be used for anything time sensitive. I see far to many Amazon trucks being towed back to the warehouse in toledo,ohio in the winter.
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    1099 and other scams

    Drive by post......
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    Hunter Biden and His Magic Laptop

    Funny how he was charged after he went before the courts to testify.....
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    Jacumba, ca, new route for illegals

    Yes and they are not going to slow down with California welcoming them in.
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    The Trump Card...

    Lol Fannie Willis said she took money from her campaign and used it to pay for personal debt.....she said this while on the stand being questioned for hiding a relationship with her special prosecutor. I believe campaign finance laws says she can't do that....Santos got nailed for that.
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    The southern border.

    I would rather we close the southern border and stop sending money every our veterans and homeless first then worry about everyone else.
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    The southern border.

    Then don'tjust blame Republicans blame all of them for the border problems....Biden sure isn't going to fix it.....and he can with the laws in place right now.
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    The southern border.

    Legal immigration not the poopfest we have on the southern border.
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    The southern border.

    Democrats had 8 years under Obama to fix it.....
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    January 6th riot......

    Taxation with out representation.....and people raising their voices to be heard.
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    President O'Biden

    Oh the presidential debates are going to be popcorn worthy....
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    Nikki Haley for President

    Wow she lost in Nevada badly to nobody......
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    The southern border.

    60 billion dollars to Ukraine wtf. But....but the wall is to expensive to build.
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    Boss wants me to buy a Sprinter

    Diesel sprinter are to expensive to maintain. Get a gas Ford transit and laugh at won't be spending $1000 to get brakes done or the diesel particle filter cleaned.
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    The Trump Card...

    Biden is now a year later going to east Palestine, ohio even pete buttigieg is a better person because he went what 2 days after....
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    The Trump Card...

    The fact that they HAD to change the law in new York to charge trump should call into question as to why they charged trump. And Carroll openly admitted on tv that she helped get that pesky law changed because it was keeping them from charging trump.
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    The Trump Card...

    Just like judge Kavanaugh.......hmmm same play book different people.
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    The eyes of Texas. National Guard of Texas takes over their border ..

    You are part of the problem......not part of the solution.