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    Math Sucks!

    Don't split 10's
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    Military pay chart, enlisted.

    Those charts are base pay only. There is also a clothing allowance and in some instances sea pay, flight pay, overseas pay, hazardous duty pay, combat pay, isolated duty pay. For military with dependents or where govt. lodging not available, there is housing allowance and coast of living...
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    That word: REDACTED

    You've probably seen many news reports showing redacted documents submitted by police to news outlets or from the White House to congress members. The pages are usually shown with blacked out words, sentences and paragraphs leaving few words legible so as to make the page or pages worthless to...
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    I sailed in two WESTPACS, '65 and '66 and enjoyed many rides to and from the main gate in those fancy rides. No better eating, after a few beers, than monkey-on-a stick. One Balut in enough to last a lifetime
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    Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club

    1969-70 were eventful years for me patrolling the coastal waters between the Cua Viet River and Quy Nhon harbor in the Coast Guard Cutters Point Orient and Point Arden. Our primary mission was being engaged in Operation Marketime which was designed to prevent the infiltration, from north to...
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    Hey--------Post your hometown data.

    Brighton, MA - Quincy, MA - Boston, MA - Honolulu, HI - Yorktown, VA - Falmouth, MA - S. Peacham, VT - Danang, RVN - Lakewood, OH - Jacksonville, FL - Santa Barbara, CA - Kodiak, AK - Fairfax, VA - St Peters, MO