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    Only if you buy my old one
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    I'm averaging about three days on a charge. I wait til it's low before charging.
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    Which GPS Should I Buy?

    Mary is the answer
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    Which GPS Should I Buy?

    Today I ordered a DVD from Garmin that provides an update to the mapping info on my unit that is 3 years old. While doing so, I asked a tech rep if Garmin had any programs for handheld or dash mounted units that were trucking friendly and included clearances, weight limits and Hazmat routing...
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    The Apple i-Rack

    Funny but sadly ironic
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    Which GPS Should I Buy?

    Garmin c330; I'm pleased with mine
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    Has this ever happened to you?

    or, stick your thumbnail under the top inner edge of the frame and pull off. There is a reset button on the right side.
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    Help truck stop caused my truck to blow up

    Bee: Lawyers believe in money; if you have money they will believe in you. I think your best bet is to find a driver that understands how to properly operate a truck, not just drive it. Also, a driver that believes in treating your equipment as though it was his, or hers. You might be better...
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    African iPod

    Technology at its finest
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    Question on Personal/buisiness Laptop Computers ?

    RE: Question on Personal/buisiness Laptop Computer I have a newer Dell E1505 that will only accept the verizon air card. Check availability of ATT compatability before you commit to the Dell. I also had a hard drive failure and have deduced it got toasted when I started the truck while...
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    XM radio - now what?

    I've had the XM since they had about 700,000 paying customers and I no longer find it exciting, I find it a necessary accessory. Like cell phones and PDA's, once we get accustomed to a gadget, we can't do without it.
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    Satellite radio

    I had Circuit city hardwire into the back of my satready radio. Bestbuy also does it. You'll need a sirius or xm receiver and a connection wire. Should be about $150 total.
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    Connecting a satellite box to a monitor

    I thought the following tip from Kim Komando's Tip of The Day would be of interest to those of you with Satellite and computer in your truck Connecting a satellite box to a monitor Q. I would like to use my computer monitor as a television. I want to use it in my RV with a satellite dish...
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    'nother computer question

    Yes Moot. In retrospect, I think I started the van while charging and therein lay my dilemma. I use a continuous duty solenoid as an aux batt isolator and it closes when ignition switch is on so any spike would affect the charge either way. Redy: I was very pleased with the Dell support. It...
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    'nother computer question

    I lost my harddrive last week and the consensus of the Indian Dell Tech and a somewhat savvy friend was that I toasted it while charging its battery with my van's electrical system. I'm using a 375 watt inverter in a power port on the dash. I have no idea if the inverter has any power surge...
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    Wi-Fi alert

    Greg: The open safe door doesn't entitle you to the contents; and, apparently, an open privately owned wi-fi net doesn't entitle you to unlimited access. Thus spake Michigan Law. I agree with your second paragraph, but I think, in the future, I'll be a bit more cautious in my hot-spot use.
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    Wi-Fi alert

    Randy: I do the same at Panera but nearly always get a coffee to go while the laptop boots up. Other than Panera, I take about any free wi-fi I can find. This article is a good wake-up call.
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    Wi-Fi alert

    Michigan man arrested for using cafe's free WiFi from his car
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    HD TV

    We put it carefully in the back and had a neighbor help me hang it on the wall in the house. You asked about in the house, not in the van. I have a small Audiovox flat panel TV/DVD player in the van. Speakers are either wireless headsets or through the van's factory speakers.
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    HD TV

    We've had a 42" plasma for four years and never regreted the money spent. I plugged it in during the weekend of Superbowl and was immediately impressed with the clarity and visibility of each blade of grass on the field. My set is actually a monitor with digital/HDTV capability. I have a 6.1...