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  1. terryandrene

    Cargo Van Looking to become a fleet owner

    Dubs, Many, if not most, of the members here are professional truck drivers who own their own businesses. Even a driver for an owner has a business for which a schedule C must be filed with their tax returns in order to take advantage of the many business related deductions. We each share a...
  2. terryandrene

    Van Choice

    HFR I've had two E-350's and two 3500's. I liked the Fords because because of the solid truck-like feel. My Fords were diesel so maintenance was more costly than the gasser would have been, but the improved MPG may have made up for the mantenance costs. I liked the seats for the two arm...
  3. terryandrene

    A little help pls

    If you have no experience give these folks a call, I think they may help you drive and your wife to get her license Expedite Solutions - About Us
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    Age and FedEx CC

    For the benefit of those that might be eavesdropping, here is the answer to the same question that was asked in the General Forum. Authorized passengers over the age of 21 are permitted in a FedEx Custom Critical vehicle while under dispatch when proof of passenger insurance has been filed...
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    What does it take to get YOUR attention as a driver today?

    huanak: If any of us could tell you who has "a lot of work" all of the time, we'd all be working there. We are currently in an historically slow period of the year. Van loads seem to be at a premium with numerous carriers right now. Tell us the name of your present carrier (it needn't be a...
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    What does it take to get YOUR attention as a driver today?

    I think believability is key in your profession. The "we are the best, biggest, keep you loaded at all times" puffery turns us off when we hear it in person or see it in print. I want to see a printed fact sheet that shows all the start-up costs, including the hidden stuff. I want to see an...
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    Welcome Jeff Brown from Panther!

    Welcome back to the mainstream Jeff. We suspect you'll be a fixture at the next expo and an occasional workshop.
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    Expedite Expo 2007

    HFR: Y'all could provide handouts that explain your carrier's compensation package, including any accessorial charges, available group plans and programs. You could also list a prior year average (not estimated range) of total compensation, for each of solos and teams by vehicle type. Also...
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    Just Curious....

    750 miles
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    Not mentioned above is the most common delivery arrival time in expedite seems to be 0100-0200 with a delivery time of 0630-0800. After snoozing in the seat for 4-5 hrs and delivering in the morning, you won't have enough loggable hours to get to a hotel to reset your clock. Day trucks and...
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    UPS Applicants

    ,The grass always >looks greener until you get there. The grass may be greener but you still need to bring a lawn mower
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    Interesting question. Did the few companys that chose not to make use of you and your CDL say it was because of the seatbelt tickets? If that was the case, perhaps they felt that if you weren't taking advantage of all of the tools useful for your personal safety, you wouldn't use all of the...
  13. terryandrene

    When a Panther Recruiter says $140,000 a year what

    RE: When a Panther Recruiter says $140,000 a year mileater Any recruiter from a reputable carrier can give you good figures on E-Truck average earnings, but there are no recruiters that can give you a good guesstimate of your net earnings. Neither can any EO tractor driving members without...
  14. terryandrene

    Cargo Van Work In & Out of AZ

    Not much consistant work into and out of your area by any company I know of. You might get a lead by contacting one or more of the carriers listed in the following link;
  15. terryandrene

    What's a B/Van load?

    Open question for each company represented on EO. What is your company's definition of a B load? We hear on the road, and discuss in the forum, the various capacities of different van configurations. We hear stories of van operators carrying 3000+ pounds and/or 3 skids in a van. So, just...
  16. terryandrene

    waiting for a load

    Earl: The good news is we sometimes get a run offer while we're on a run; we sometimes get an offer one or two hours after a run and we often wait a day or two for the next offer. There are a lot of variables that affect the wait time. Your carrier, your location in relation to that carrier's...
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    How 'bout some carrier responses to the fuel surcharge concern noted in another thread. Is there a difference in fsc percentage of tariff for different truck sizes? i.e. will the customer pay a different fsc percent for a van than for a straight truck? If so, whats the difference? Terry
  18. terryandrene

    General questions regarding the current fuel situa

    RE: General questions regarding the current fuel s HotFr8Recruiter: Your explanation goes a long way towards explaining the relationship of the 15% FSC to the driver's cost of fuel. But, your example indicated the driver is getting a 15% FSC based on his pay only, not the customers tarrif...
  19. terryandrene

    Any Info from A recruiter would be great.

    MrPAC: Sounds like you'd be a van or mini-van operator now with a view toward a career in a straight truck. If not, just what are your aspirations in the field of transportation. Give us a few more details and a discussion of the opportunities, which you might wish to persue, will be...
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    Info on a new career

    Lot's of variables to give you a finite answer for cargo van operation. paid and deadhead miles will vary by company as will the pay per mile. Fuel surcharges will also vary from customer to customer. Tariffs vary considerably in different areas of the country as well. I think a fair cents...