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  1. terryandrene

    Chevy express 2008 correct tire pressure?

    Aleks, Please take Dan's comment seriously and replace all of your tires with the proper load rating for the work of the van expediter. A blowout while loaded to what you or your carrier think is your max capacity, in the intense heat of the day on a remote interstate hwy, will cost you far...
  2. terryandrene

    Excessive speeding

    There are three actions, over which the driver has complete control, that create serious CSA points for the driver, owner and the carrier. Speeding over 15 or in construction zone, failure to properly use a seat belt or hands on telephone use. Any owner or carrier would be concerned about an...
  3. terryandrene

    Frito Lay Sprinter - Is this a 16 or 18 ft box?

    FWI, the GWB toll is based on vehicle type number of axles on that vehicle and the peak or non-peak hours. EZ Pas use is always cheaper than cash. The WVA turnpike is also based on vehicle type and number of axles. EZ Pass for a two axle truck is $2.60, cash price is 3.25. Wheels per axle...
  4. terryandrene

    Chain laws. Newbie question.

    When not sure of a State chain law here is a good reference
  5. terryandrene

    Calling upon all sprinter van owners and drivers.

    John, The last long and tall Sprinter that I used as an office during my employment by FedEx Custom Critical was custom outfitted by Bolt Custom Trucks and Manufacturing in Fort Wayne. The have also outfitted sleeper compartments in a couple of dozen Sprinters that were leased to FedEx as...
  6. terryandrene

    Good deal or should I pass .?

    Your truck is missing two rear ID lamps and the right rear clearance lamp. See FMVSA regulation 393.11
  7. terryandrene

    D.O.T Bed size ?

    You're correct, My bad for mis-reading. There is no mention of mattress "size" in the FMCSR nor in the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.
  8. terryandrene

    D.O.T Bed size ?

    393.76. 75" x 24"
  9. terryandrene

    Dot tape

    Retroreflective Sheeting in red and white strips or white strips is required only on trailers and tractors that are regulated by the FMCSA. This material is discussed in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Standards at 501.108 and states, at S5.7.1.5 Certification. The letters DOT-C2, DOT-C3, or...
  10. terryandrene

    estiamte on tire pressure

    I usually kept my Michelins at 80 rear / 70 front and rotated every 10,000 or so, whenever had time to kill near a free rotate at Costco. Sacrifice comfort for longer tire wear. 180,000 miles was not uncommon on the Michelin LTX E rated tire.
  11. terryandrene

    Another Freightliner horror story

    FOD could be Foreign Object Debris or perhaps, Freightliner On Deathrow
  12. terryandrene

    Ordered new Sprinter

    David: I wasn't trying to challenge any figures, I was offhandedly suggesting the Sprinter that ACE recently bought was a wise purchase based solely on the potential fuel cost savings. I don't argue which is best because to each his own; I prefer the Chevy/GMC. I used the 15 mpg on a gas...
  13. terryandrene

    Ordered new Sprinter

    A 22 mpg Sprinter operator traveling 400,000 miles at todays avg diesel price of $4.72 will spend $85,818. A 15 mpg Chev/Ford/GMC operator traveling 400,000 miles at todays gasoline price of $3.93 will spend $104.800. That $19,000 fuel savings is worth thnking about
  14. terryandrene

    Truck Decal Removal

    I burned up one of Rene's hair dryers getting the decals off one side of a van. Another time, I parked in the sun on a hot summer day and with a lot of elbow grease and a couple of broken finger nails, I got the job done. My most successful experience was with the use of a propane torch. I...
  15. terryandrene

    Rev's Ride 1

    Looks great. We hope you have time to show off at the Expedite Expo.
  16. terryandrene

    Logging in vehicles under 10,000 lbs. gvwr required ?

    I agree with pjjjjj. Many van drivers have a CDL but that does not mean that they drive their van as a commercial motor vehicle.
  17. terryandrene

    Aerocell DRW Owners

    I had three fiberglass roofs on Ford/Chevys, each of which was 1" of honeycomb sandwiched between two layers of fiberglass. We never had a signal strength problem. Another option to consider is a FANtastik vent. I cut a circular hole in my current roof that was slightly larger than the...
  18. terryandrene

    Fuel Mileage in Cargo Vans

    PorkChop, you asked about fuel mileage in a cargo van and mentioned that the van would be paid for so you "can make money with it" because of that. You would best be advised to step back and look at your desires as an attempt at operating a business and not just a job driving a van. One of your...
  19. terryandrene

    European MB Sprinter competition.

    Our recent visit to Europe was eyeopening from an expediter point of view. The Mercedes Benz Sprinter is the obvious choice of the majority of the light freight hauling community. During several hundred miles of travel in the eastern region of Germany and a bit of Poland, we saw no pickup...
  20. terryandrene

    cargo van sleepers

    Leo: I have also seen fore and aft mattresses in sleeper berths, but if the regulation that I cited is current, your berth must have a side to side lenth of 75" and a restraint that secures an occupant from moving forward during rapid deceleration. One more point. A 6 wheeler over 10,000 GVWR...