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  1. Fr8 Shaker

    An open question to owners of unmarked van companies.

    Guess I jumped to the conclusion because this thread about plain wrapper vans comes up about twice a year.
  2. Fr8 Shaker

    An open question to owners of unmarked van companies.

    I for the life of me cannot figure out why it bothers so many people because a van is running without decals other than for the fact that they are just nosy and feel the need to know of everything that is going on. Whether it's a big name co. or just a 1 or 2 vehicle operation what does it...
  3. Fr8 Shaker

    ATM RIPOFF at the Flying J in Grand Ledge, MI

    I too usually just get cash back at walmart, seems I always need something from there and there is no fee as there is with atm's. also if you belong to a credit union and they are in this credit union co-op, any other credit unions that belong to the co-op in the country have no fee's. Also at...
  4. Fr8 Shaker

    The $40,000 toilet

    A 6 yr. old ? just got answered. I can rest now. LOL
  5. Fr8 Shaker

    Carriers and privacy

    Whats up I put those letters in caps and when posted shows up in lower case ?
  6. Fr8 Shaker

    Carriers and privacy

    .....t & k ?
  7. Fr8 Shaker


    Dave's not home.....Cheech and Chong reference. I know they got federal mogul back but not sure if there is more.
  8. Fr8 Shaker

    Things I learned while looking up other things

    Sounds like this is the animal planet channel. LOL
  9. Fr8 Shaker

    Cab curtains for vans

    Same here but then I just close the curtains a little more between the bed and the seats.
  10. Fr8 Shaker

    Firestone vs. Michelin

    I run the Uniroyal Liberator from Walmart made by Michelin. Last ones lasted 117,000 miles.
  11. Fr8 Shaker

    Things I learned while looking up other things

    Kangaroos cannot hop backwards.
  12. Fr8 Shaker

    Cab curtains for vans

    My pleasure, I like the gap at the top it lets you look out without anyone being able to look in and with the rain guards you can crack the window and still get air in for your vent fan. Don't forget to run electrical tape around the edges. it helps and keeps the board in a little snugger. plus...
  13. Fr8 Shaker

    Scale House Question

    Yeah I would just blow by it and if they come after you just tell him what the guy your working for told you and tell them if they don't give you a ticket you sweep their lot next time through.
  14. Fr8 Shaker

    Cab curtains for vans

    For the side windows on my chevy express I use foam board I bought at wally world in the school / office section. Then just had to trim the top front corner for the curve of the window. I ran electrical tape around the board edges. ( helps it from breaking down and getting crushed corners ) also...
  15. Fr8 Shaker

    Bluetooth Headsets

    Check out Cell phone accessories, Mobile accessories - Motorola, Samsung, LG, Nokia, Nextel, Sony ericsson, Sanyo, Kyocera, Audiovox and Bluetooth
  16. Fr8 Shaker

    Vice or Virtue

    Yes it's a shame that Hamtramck won't work with them on a needed tax break. Now all Hamtramck will get out of it is an empty building with no taxes coming in. Penny wise, Dollar foolish.
  17. Fr8 Shaker

    Vice or Virtue

    Kowalski's used to have stores. I remember seeing only a couple of them back in the day. There used to be one in the cherry hill plaza on Cherry Hill rd. and Inkster rd. and I think there was one in Redford.
  18. Fr8 Shaker

    Vice or Virtue

    I choose vice, usually more fun. They say everyone has a vice, I just choose them all.
  19. Fr8 Shaker

    The cat and the owl

    That was too cool. Amazing actually.
  20. Fr8 Shaker

    The "Fallback" Occupation

    Looks real nice.