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    DICTRANSAB Dictionary of Transportation Abbreviations A LOAD – Generally one skid, not more than 500 pounds A TRUCK – Mini-van or Pickup truck with a cap ATA – American Trucking Association ACE – Automated Commercial Environment B LOAD – Generally two skids, not more than 2500 pounds...
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    Truck Driver Slang

    Bear-in-the-Air Police aircraft; commonly used in speed trap Bean Town Boston, Massachusette Big Word Chicken Coops are “closedâ€; See ‘Little Word’ Bluegrass, The Kentucky Bobtail Tractor without an attached trailor Buckeye, The Ohio Cash Box Toll booth Chicken Coop Weigh Station...
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    Truck Capacities

    A recent post requesting the capacity of a straight truck has piqued my interest in the weight capacities of the B, C, D trucks of some of the expedite carriers. When Rene' and I started expediting, the standard maximum weights by truck size were A-500#; B-2000#; C-5000# and D-13000#. Over...