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    Stand or Kneel?

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    Racism, Really

    Ditto Turtle, on the rentals. I was a young Coast Guard Petty Officer newly stationed in Honolulu in 1965. My wife and I were among the first to see the newspaper classifieds for each of many days. Each affordable apartment on my $301 take home pay was amazingly already rented when we...
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    POLL Watch Lists and Guns

    My German born wife entered this country legally and earned a USA citizenship in 1974. She held a USA passport shortly thereafter. We Joined Roberts Express in 1989 and received CDLs with Hazmat endorsements when CDLs were first introduced. We were invited into the carrier's White Glove...
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    Three strikes and you're out.

    Homosexuality in animals Homosexuality in animals - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    Racist observation

    Clarksville, Mo is a small town about 15 miles north of us. They were on the nat'l news this morning and the local news every broadcast. The only thing these townfolks are asking for is sandbagging help as they try to keep dry. Iowa was particularly hard hit by flood waters. As Black Sheep...
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    Our Soldiers

    Greg: ER Murrow!
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    Who Said it?

    Captain King, USN
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    One Proud Immigrant

    Congratulations to our new citizen who, like Rene', had to learn English and convince a judge that she was also conversant in our basic history and governmental concepts guided by our Constitution. Rene' was naturalized in your nearby Santa Barbara and was equally joyous upon receipt of her new...
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    Political Correctness gone to far

    We need Howdy Doody, Princess Summerfallwinterspring and Phineas T. Bluster
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    Voter ID

    Now that the ACLU compaint has been ruled upon, they could help solve the elderly and homeless dienfranchisement by identifying ways to get the photo IDs for the elderly and homeless.
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    Interstate Highway System

    Wikipedia has a good discourse on the Interstate Highway system. The following portion disputes your fellow veteran's claim. The Interstate Highway System was authorized by the Federal-Aid Highway Act of 1956, popularly known as the National Interstate and Defense Highways Act of 1956. It had...
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    Good court case

    "he was denied his [right] to consular assistance by the Mexican government." i.e. the Mexican government didn't deny the right to assistance, he was either denied or not ensured that he had a right to seek their assistance
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    Right Wingers will love this

    I posted this just for LDB! Robsdad Good Ole KFC NOW THIS ONE IS FUNNY,I DON'T CARE WHO YOU ARE! ACTUAL KFC SIGN IN NEW YORK! It's all in the line spacing !
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    Right Wingers will love this

    It's a Hillary joke is correct!!
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    Right Wingers will love this

    I'm guessing you copied fotos from your mail server to the forum. It might have worked better if you copied the fotos to your fotos program then brought them over here using the browse feature. When using large fonts I found it best to double the line spacing. Try again and preview before...
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    Right Wingers will love this

    FYI This is a good example why the "preview Post" field is available. When posting pictures, large fonts and colors, it's helpful to preview before submitting
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    Food For Thought Or How Do You Want Your Goat Grilled

    The Burgoo at the Moonlight Bar is as good as it gets. A pork or mutton stew in which your spoon stands up, it's so thick.
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    Politically Correct Names

    How 'bout the "Cracker Barrel"? Who came up with that offensive name?
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    For the Record

    You're right on the old picture. We're trying to pretend we aren't aging
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    For the Record

    Now read the following Urban Legends Reference Pages: Bill Clinton Draft Dodger?