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  1. terryandrene

    Per Diem again

    Frank: Once again the subject of per diem deductions other than the standard meal allownace of $52; US has been addressed. Please share you comments on the trucker eligibility of the per diem deduction which includes hotels.
  2. terryandrene

    Set aside for taxes

    A recent post by a prospective expediter indicated that his analysis of expenditures would include a 25% set aside for quarterly tax withholding. A good idea to err on the side of too much rather than not enough withholding; however, given the myriad trucker related deductions, not many us need...
  3. terryandrene

    Corporate Liability

    Frank: I seems to me that many small truck expediters want to incorporate for the primary reason of protecting their personal assets from exposure to liability in the event of an accident or other mishap that might cause someone to sue the corporation. A secondary reason is a small FICA tax...