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  1. terryandrene

    Lawrence McCord

    Lawrence was a dear friend who we met when we each were cargo van o/o's for Roberts Express, the forerunner of FedEx Custom Critical. Rene and I worked with Lawrence and Debbie at MATS where their first booth was a small table on the corner of a rug at the rear of the Stoops Freightliner...
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    FCC BR Units Positive / Negative

    Your request for information is too vague and too generalized. Are you wanting to know about the truck operation and maintenance or the freight availability or the revenue potential or contracting with FCC? Are you familiar with reefer operation now or interested in a different line of work?
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    back to work

    Good Luck sailor
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    While a FedEx employee, I was very familiar with the company logo (branding) policy and carried diagrams of all of the possible combinations of signage for each of the vehicle types. One of the requirements was a minimum white space requirements around the signage. I believe the signage on the...
  5. terryandrene

    Hot bevarage cup!

    CONTIGO is a spill proof mug, fits in many holders keeps cold all day and hot up to 5 hours. I don't know how it knows if the content is hot or cold; it must be magical. I've seen them in Walmart
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    How much do straight trucks make a mile?

    Liholiho St off of Pensacola 65 - 67
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    To those who have generators underneath their van.

    I drove a Sprinter with a frame mounted Power Service generator which was a great addition while it worked. It was difficult to self-service without a lift or pit. It often required a reset but the reset button was located on the genset so, I had to install a remote reset switch inside the...
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    Fright lanes??

    Florida is not known as an industrial State. It is primarily an agricultural, NASA, DOT and tourist State. What little freight is there has often been promised to inbound trucks that negotiated a "get out of Florida load" before agreeing to take anything there.
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    Carriers, riddle me this

    Simply stated, he larger the fleet, the larger the infrastructure. As the fleet grows, so must the support staff and office space. Safety departments are need to ensure all federal, state and local laws are in compliance and ready for the inevitable audits. Safety folks are required to...
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    new memeber of Geo EO Hall of Fame

    Welcome to the HOF; a high honor indeed
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    DOT inspection

    Many of the ABS fault lights on the trailers are labeled ABS. I occasionally asked drivers what that was for. One driver told me that the ABS stood for Air Bag System, but he didn't know what the light meant.
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    DOT inspection

    FMCSA regulations at 396.17 + discusses the inspections and inspector qualifications. Appendix G to Subchapter B of Chapter III is the Minimum Periodic Inspection Standards.
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    DOT inspection

    I think you are confusing USA/CDN terminology. A Canadian pre-trip is referred to as a Class 1, A USA Level I inspection is performed by a Law Enforcement Officer IAW USDOT regulations. The Level 1 includes everything on a pre-trip and all appropriate paperwork and log book check. The USDOT...
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    DOT inspection

    A class 1 Canadian pre-trip inspection is not the same as a DOT Level 1 USA inspection. The USA FMCSA required pre-trip is essentially the same as the Canadian NSC Standard 13 pre-trip. A major difference is the Canadians require written documentation concerning the inspection be carried in a...
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    Drug Testing for Vans

    BrokCanadian's comments are testimony why a carrier would require periodic safety inspection performed by government licensed or carrier approved inspectors. Operating a vehicle with faulty ABS and turn signals does not meet the requirements or expectations of a carrier, its customers or the...
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    5 Sprinter Vans - 2018 Financial Results are In

    If your drivers are paying for fuel, why are you claiming $119,150 fuel expense. If you paid $175,000 for your five $35,000 vans and you depreciate 91,500 in each of 2018 and 83,500 this year, will you be selling them at end of year?
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    Xpo or Landstar

    BSJr, I tried to qualify my comments with the 2nd hand knowledge and I believe the success of the folks I know are true, in their cases. In retrospect, my comment "you must personally sell yourself" was overkill and would not apply to everyone. However, as you indicated, you marketed yourself...
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    Xpo or Landstar

    I have never driven for LEA but I have a lot of second hand knowledge of their operations in the expedite market coming mainly from more than one very successful straight truck O/O's there. The key to their successes was the manner in which they marketed themselves. Landstar generally...
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    Xpo or Landstar

    Perhaps 1-2 skids on a straight truck strategy is to accommodate a customer that only loads dock high or, each skid was 2000# or, requires a CDL holding driver or, a team was required or, a CDL endorsement was required or, TWIC was required.
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    Service for OWNER Operators

    A great idea, But... Where are you basing your operation and how far will you travel? Will you have a shop that will accommodate a large truck? When mobile, when will you legally and safely perform your work? I suspect shopping centers and truck stops will shun you activity on their site...