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  1. terryandrene

    Good morning Everyone,

    Talk to the folks at Expediter Services in Southaven MS., a few miles south of Memphis. They can help you get into a straight truck learn the expedite business and line you up with a co-driver. A great place to get a start with minimal expense to you. As an FXX driver, you probably saw a lot...
  2. terryandrene

    Hello from bedridden

    Good luck and best wishes for a speedy recovery from a chair ridden guy with a broken femur at the hip. It sure is no fun not being able to do the simplest chores. I feel your pain. p,s. I enjoyed your work on the honeymooners
  3. terryandrene


    Many O/Os with trucks greater than 10 years old have good maintenance programs and operating capital to perform routine preventive maintenance before the need to perform corrective maintenance. A greater percentage buy well-used trucks and run them into the ground, quite often breaking down...
  4. terryandrene


    Straight Truck or Tractor/Trailer. What's your pleasure? Do you have an A or B class CDL? Do you have truck driving experience? Knowledge of or experience within the trucking industry?
  5. terryandrene

    Hello from Las Vegas

    You might ask, why would the gov't need to have an address? Aside from the gov't wanting to know everything about you and your whereabouts, you could not convince the IRS that you were eligible for per diem while away from home if you didn't have a home to be away from. Folks that want to...
  6. terryandrene

    Hello from Las Vegas

    Readytago, You’ve asked a great question about A or B and have received some good advice and well wishes from our fellow EOers so I’ll toss in another opinion. In that you Haven’t specified a preference for a truck type, I think you and your wife will be happier in a straight truck than a...