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  1. terryandrene

    What is a T-Val?

    T-Val is "Temperature validated" It's an R ,as in reefer, truck with temperature sensors that allow remote monitoring of the operating temps by the carrier and/or the customer.
  2. terryandrene

    To Terryandrene......

    Chris. Thanks for the compliment. You will find as you read these forums, that the combined membership has a wealth of information that could help you on your way to being a successful cubist, Rene' and I are but a very small part of EO and it's informative services. Thanks and welcome to...
  3. terryandrene

    Trucker Slang (revised 1-2008)

    Race Track, the - I-465 around Indianapolis, IN Radio Check - Can you hear my radio? Razorback, the – Arkansas Rock, the – Little Rock, AR Rocking Chair - One or more trucks between the “front door” and “back door” of a convoy Rolling Road Block - Slow moving police cars blocking traffic...
  4. terryandrene

    Trucker Slang (revised 1-2008)

    Hammer Down - Go fast Hammer Lane - Left highway lane;Passing lane Hand - Truck Driver Handle - CB nickname Happy Hooker - Tow truck Hawkeye, the - Iowa Hole in the Wall - Mountain tunnel entrance Home 20 - Home location Honey Bear - Female police officer Hook - Tow truck Hoosier, the...
  5. terryandrene

    Trucker Slang (revised 1-2008)

    CB Town - Council Bluffs, IA Camera - Police radar or laser Cash Box - Toll booth Cash Register - Toll Booth CB Rambo - Wannabe tough guy on CB Cheese Wagon - Yellow school bus Chicken Coop - Weigh station Chicken Lights - Decorative marker lightson truck and/or trailer Chili Bowl, the -...
  6. terryandrene

    Trucker Slang (revised 1-2008)

    Alabama Chrome - Duct tape Anteater - Sloped hood on big truck Alamo, the - San Antonio, TX Alligator - Blown tire in road Alligator Radio - Loudmouth CB’er(all mouth, no ears) Ankle Biter - Small child Antler Alley - Deer crossing Apple, the - New York, NY Armadillo, the -...
  7. terryandrene

    confused again

    Most expedite carriers use the following descripters: A = Pickup truck or mini van capable of 500 pounds B= Cargo Van/Sprinter capable of 2500 Pounds C = Small dock high Straight truck capable of 5000 pounds D = Large straight truck capable of 13,000 pounds E = Tractor/trailer An R suffix =...
  8. terryandrene

    Husband and wife team

    I didn't pay much attention to BradBetty's weekly numbers until Leo mentioned it. Like Leo, I have never operated a TVal truck but I know of several operators that would be very pleased with an annual Gross of $225,000. An owner that pays all truck fuel, toll, wash, etc. expenses would give...
  9. terryandrene

    Husband and wife team

    Welcome to The EO forum. Take a peek at the free classifieds here: Teams Wanted In addition to looking thru the free classifieds, call any of the FedEx Custom Critical recruiters and ask if any of their owners are looking for an experienced team and would they give you a referal.
  10. terryandrene

    Solo Female Driver???

    It's difficult, but not impossible, for an inexperienced solo driver to get a seat in an owner's truck. If you haven't been there, check out the free classifieds where owners are looking for drivers Driver Wanted There is also a place where drivers may post a free ad when looking for an...
  11. terryandrene

    What's The Potential

    A little more info would be helpful to respondents. What are your druthers? Owner/operator in your own truck Driver solo or team van, straight truck, or T/T
  12. terryandrene

    Trucks do wear out, right?

    John: There is no finite answer to your question and I, as a cargo van operator, certainly have no good answer for you. But, I have questions that may help others help you. Will you be expediting OTR in your truck or doing P&D work around Boise? Will you be owning a class 8 tractor? Will you...
  13. terryandrene

    Getting Hired on with Fleet Owner?

    Check with a recruiter from either Panther or FedEx Custom Critical; each of these carriers has a program for placing drivers with truck owners. Other carriers may also do this. Also check the EO free classifieds for driver opportunities.
  14. terryandrene

    Dodge Sprinter

    Oz Please keep in mind that, in expediting, you are not just buying a truck, you are buying a business. Like any business venture it would behoove you do thoroughly research this business of expediting before you rush out and buy a van. There was a time that any van owner could find a carrier...
  15. terryandrene

    Expediting is a Business

    >Actually FedEx does not have seperate companies, Ground, >freight and express are 'segements' or divisions of FedEx. Greg: For the record. FedEx Corporation Overview FedEx Corporation provides strategic leadership and consolidated financial reporting for the independent companies that...
  16. terryandrene

    Expediting is a Business

    Greg: Thanx, but I 'spect it would be a problem. FedEx Ground contractors procure all their fuel on the same acounting system that provides their compensation. They buy all their fuel at the $1.25 price and never worry about the FSC variables. There is very little, if any, personal use of...
  17. terryandrene

    Expediting is a Business

    If you'll allow me a bit of devil's advocacy here, I'll offer a comment that our carrier might offer if they posted here. Each of the FedEx operating companies(OPCO)are separate and distinct from the other. Although there is some cross pollination when it comes to providing a product tailored...
  18. terryandrene

    Expediting is a Business

    My interpretation of Independent Contractor is simply that we are independant from the carrier and not on their roles as an employee. Employees are fired; contractors' carriers terminate contracts due to dissatisfaction with the performance of the contractor. Conversely, contractors terminate...
  19. terryandrene

    Expediting is a Business

    Throughout the nearly 8 year history of ExpeditersOnline, our members have discussed the nature of expediting, its pitfalls and its rewards. We have heard about all the Do's and Don'ts imaginable. We've read about dozens of the success stories from people who started with little and are now...
  20. terryandrene

    The Cost of Doing Business Being Self Employed

    I don't know whether to thank you or critisize you for your lengthy thread. You seem to have enjoyed your 30 years in the transportation business, then you commence to remind us of the idiocy of the manner in which we leased expediters and those expediters with their own authority conduct their...